Mother, The Moon and a Charm Bag Spell

The Moon, within Wicca and some other Western Magical Traditions, is a powerful symbol of the feminine divine.It is associated with the element water. the wolf spirit, the mother figure and lunacy.

The moon cycle corresponds with the menstrual cycle of women and like the pregnant belly of expectant mothers, the moon grows full and round.

Crime is amplified during the time of the full moon and this is partly what constitutes this mayhem and madness associated with it. Werewolves, a monster which captivates the imagination as a vicious and bloodthirsty being are often bound to the cycle of the moon.

During the Waxing cycle of the moon, spells for increase, gaining money, love, and fertility are cast.  My experience during the waxing moon is usually an increase in emotion, the powerful sensual surge of energy. The kundalani energy within me is slowly becoming released. I am often more psychically aware during this time. Often during this time I will work for strength. Since I am at varsity and have looming deadlines, I am likely to a work a spell for strength to get through it without cracking. LOL.

The full moon is the most celebrated Esbat within Wicca. It is often seen as the most powerful time magically. Love spells, potions and rituals are often concocted during this time. Money spells are also given extra oomph. The Full moon is often a time when witches would gather and dance ecstatically with devil intoxicated with spirit wine and venomous ointments. As Psychic power is often heightened during this time, it is a powerful time for prophecy and oracular divination.

A Moon Charm Bag

Blue, lavender, silver or black baggie (made out of satin, organza or cotton)


Clear quartz crystal

A shell (a conch)

Dried white flowers like lily or rose

Jasmine oil


Willow/willow bark



On the night before the full moon crush the dried flowers and herbs and put 3- 10 drops of the oil on it. Mix it up, so that the herbs become soaked. Leave it out to dry for the rest of the night and the rest of the next day on a sunny windowsill. Whilst you are crushing the herbs and adding the oil, think upon the moon energy and its significance to you. This will place your intent and personal energy within the charm.

On the full moon night set up a basic altar. This requires nothing more than a flat surface, blessed and consecrated beforehand. Have upon the altar clean water, Salt or earth, a small silver or white candle and a stick of light-scented incense or a white feather.

Cleansing and consecrating the altar is a simple process of anointing  the altar with salt/earth, water, incense and the candle flame(be careful with the candle ensuring that you do not set anything on fire- what I usually do is move the candle around clockwise over the surface of the altar to decrease my accident proneness)

You do not need to cast a circle for this spell. Just ground and centre yourself beforehand, getting your intention and energies focused.

Grounding and centering requires, sitting down, relaxing, breathing in and out and letting the negativity of the day leave you, and allowing positive energy within, so that your mind and body are clear of blocks.

Hold each item for the baggie one at a time and let your energy flow into it, let the moons energy flow into it.

Once you have done this with each object you can place them with the charm baggie.

Now it is time to bless the objects by the elements. Sprinkle water on the bag and say, “Blessed by water.” Do the same with earth/salt saying, “Blessed by earth.” Hold the bag over the fire and incense and say, “Blessed by fire/air.”

Leave the now blessed and consecrated charm baggie on the altar for the remainder of the night letting it soak up the energies of the moon.

In the morning it will be ready for use. Keep it in a pocket or bag near you so that the power of the moon can be invoked when needed. The charm bag can be blessed and charged for love, money, power and inspiration.

originally posted on the now defunct  in 201o

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4 thoughts on “Mother, The Moon and a Charm Bag Spell

  1. Hello, I have just found your blog and find it quite interesting. However I like to frequent another witch’s blog, called Witch of the Forest Grove, who is another person that likes to work with the dead, bones, ancestor spirits, kitchen/green magic and also has hoodoo influences. You seem like you would at least find the site interesting, even if her magical focus is not quite the same as yours. I hope you like it. I would love to leave a link, but I don’t know to with this blog system, but again, the blog/site is called Witch of the Forest Grove. A google search will find it.

      • It’s a good site. Have you incorporated any of her practices into your own practices? The reason I ask is because I am interested in seeing if a ritual/method that works well for one witch works well for another, especially since you are both working with concepts/spirits that many other people are either afraid of, or chose to ignore. I know that for myself, personally, this is not something I would be able to handle on a regular basis, and so I admire people who can find strength in acknowledging death.

      • I cannot say that I have necessarily incorporated any of her practices into my own except maybe on a subconscious level, mostly because, my own path is still forming and is spontaneous in its formation. My path is largely shaped by devotion to Hekate and Anubis, and most of my rituals deal with deepening my relationship with them on a very personal level. on my Page My System of Witchery:The craft of the Three ways. you will find links to my own views and practices.

        I would love to incorporate things like bone collecting but unfortunately it is not too easy for a suburban witch in a country where the occult is highly misunderstood. In fact I’ve been feeling an urge to collect certain bones lately for Anubis. My own rituals are crafted from tarot, dreamwork and inspirational insights, my path is largely intuitive, so even though I’m influenced on a psychological level by Sarah and others, it is a personal path, sometimes I might see something somehwhere that I’d like to incorporate but then realise it does not work well with my own system and sometimes it does, my influences are so wide and varied that I cannot say definitively that I’ve incorporated any *one* witch’s practices into my own.

        I have always felt comfortable around cemeteries and the spirits of the gravesites and so for me it is nothing new or to be feared. I used to get excited visiting cemeteries as a child. When discovering Hekate and Anubis were calling to me it made much more sense. It was not something that I could ignore, because it was just a part of my every day life and still is.

        I have a ritual method that works for me, and I’m quite certain that it probably would not work as well for other witch’s simply because ritual experience is largely psychological and deeply spiritual and therefore personal, and we are each different. My methods I’d liken to a tapestry where everything is weaved and threaded, it is a creative process where links to other paths are made, and where some things overlap, and others diverge completely, it therefore creates a web of experience and practice, it is a flow of freedom rather than rigidity that makes my practice unique to me. I hope that answers your question if it does not let me know and I’ll try elaborate more 🙂

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