What! You’re A Witch?!

I am a pagan witch, living in suburbia, learning, growing and healing on this path of magic and passion.

I work with herbs. I have a large collection of dried herbs. I also grow plants, I cannot live without them. Wherever I move, wherever I stay, I must have a small collection of live plants that go with me. I struggle without them, they are my companions, my allies, my protectors. The three that seem to go with me everywhere are Ivy, violet and a cactus.

I use dirt in spells, not just garden dirt, but crossroads dirt and graveyard dirt, as well as dirt from other sacred places. This is influenced by my interest in Hoodoo. I also have shed snake skin from when we still had snakes. I use them for almost everything, and the fact that Snake is one of my spirit allies- the one I’ve had since birth, the snake skin holds very powerful medicine specific to me.

We have a large family of spiders living in our house which we do not remove or kill. Spiders are beautiful creatures of protection, luck and prosperity and to kill one on purpose would be sacrilegious. Speaking of spiders I have a big fluffy one on my wall that protects my room from any negative energy that may come along.

I love animals, deeply. This is one reason why I am a vegetarian, although not the only one. I cry at the death of family fish, I cry when I see animals dead on the road due to human stupidity. I cry when I hear of the death of a pet of a friend. And I cry when I see any animal hurt. Animals are a large part of why I am a Pagan. They play a large role in my Craft as well. Crow, Butterfly and Snake are my totems, Dog, Spider, Cat, Frog and bat are my occasional guides and helpers. My magic is thus totemic. I work a lot with animal spirits- often those associated with death and magic. My other Guides are Hekate and Anpu (Anubis). Again both associated with death and magic.

I wear a lot of black, and I have strawberry blonde hair, combined with the corsetty outfits and long flowing skirts, the occasional chained belt, a fair share of occult jewellery and it therefore, rather obvious to most that I am rather odd and definitely not a churchgoer. My nickname in Highschool, especially in 8th grade was Satan, “ The adversary” in Hebrew. The ultimate rebellious archetype, the classical hero in Paradise Lost, and devilish, mischievous creature of fun. I do not however believe in Satan, I believe in nature, in magic and my craft.

I am in a happy relationship with a wonderful man, who has given me strength to move on through life despite the many pitfalls that come along with the ability to breathe. I celebrate valentines day with fervor but on every occasion that I can I celebrate the love we share. I celebrate Halloween as a big fest twice a year, but to me Halloween is every day 🙂

I like walking on the grass without any shoes, I like to stare into space and go into trance-like states. I like collecting teddy bears, and statuettes of fairies. I can eat bananas every day of my life and I avoid apples especially the red ones (so starchy). I talk to my animals, and my plants. I read constantly. I follow the phases of the moon, and don’t believe in coincidences. I am a lover, a girlfriend, a teacher, A daughter, a sister, a friend, a feminist, an animal rights supporter, a nerd.  Some call me superstitious. I call me a Witch.


This article originally appeared on esotericreflections.co.za in 2009

All  blog content is Copyright © of Nightshade author of thepurplebroom


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