What! You’re A Witch?!

I am a Witch inspired by Folkloric Traditional witchcraft, living in the heart of suburbia.

I am a plant witch, and keep a potted garden. I grow many edibles, medicinal’s and poisonous flora. I am forever toiling away in the garden, planting new seeds and humming to my plants.

I love animals deeply and work very closely with the animal dead, restoring them to life through conpassion and love.

I am devotee of the canine gods, Anubis and Hekate and have taken oaths specific to each.

I am am artist, poet and aspiring writer inspired by folklore and fairy tales from Scotland, Poland, Ireland and Holland- the lands from which my ancestors hailed.

I have a dog named Pandora and three turtle doves named Mathilda, Penelope, and Solaris.

“The Hedgehog” is my nickname for my boyfriend on account of his spiky hair.

All blog content is Copyright © of Nightshade author of thepurplebroom


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