Just Another Magic Monday

I wake up on a Monday morning, and pray to great Anubis. Throughout the day I feel kind of groggy, I’m not really in the mood to restart my freaking fitness routine but I feel pretty into mixing magic.

What to do.. What to do?

Throughout the day I carry on preparing for my later ritual of the evening. Poor Caramel has to be put down. He was an old rat and in much pain. I light my candles to Hekate and Anubis and one for Caramel. As a devotee to two psychopomps it is my service to them that prompts me to ask for protection of Caramels soul, so that he may go to where he needs to, in safety, guided by the light of Hekate’s torch and the strength of Anubis’s staff.

I feel the familiar feeling of peace, tears and love filling the room. Another death, the Crows were warning me, last week, I remember the feeling I got when I heard the crow calling, although it was a beautiful sight, it left me with shivers. Not often do I get the shivers when Crow calls, then I knew it was not just a customary visit from our friendly pied neighbours.

Later in the evening the house feels empty without his presence, there will be no more sharing of our food with little Caramel. No more dancing in front of his cage, no more tickling when he sits on my mom. Just an empty hole.

My mother’s colleagues wanted kitty pillows, as they heard I made ones for our cats. I start mixing, mint, catnip, lavender and rose and gather some purple scrap material and cotton wool.

While I take the catnip, Willow comes to come and play. I say “You already have a pillow” She tells me in no uncertain terms “No I do not” with an awful “meeeeeooooooEEEEEEEOOOOooow” I pick her pillow up and rub her with it, she looks a bit happier but is unsatisfied;she wants another one. “No Willow, the one you have I asked Bastet herself to bless”

I begin mixing the herbs in my mortar and pestle…

I crush and crush, and Willow sneaks up behind me. I push her away gently.

The pillows get sewn and Sylvester drools on the cotton wool, because there is some Catnip remnant on it. “Sis Sylvester, I don’t think other cats want your gob all over their pillow”

The pillows are stuffed and then decorated with a tail and some pom-poms. Willow is jealous. Her pillow only has silly blue bead. She glares at the pillows. “Sorry Willow I did not think to put pom-poms on yours, I actually forgot I had pom pom’s”. She does not even grace me with a verbal reply just one mean glare. I floof her a little. she is still glaring, but the look is strained; she wants a cuddle.

I continue my ritual for the night, my new techniques are working well, although I stumble a bit. I feel disappointed. Hekate and Anubis tell me to be patient, I will get there, just practice.

I finish the evening with my evening saying my nightly prayers to Hekate.

I dream of Caramel, I give him some biscuit, he is well and safe.

This blog is copyright Dec 2010 of Nightshade author of thepurplebroom.wordpress.com

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