Magical Beading

I love to craft and work with beads. I like to hum, or chant while beading and often dedicate them to spirits and gods as gifts. The three types of beading which I do include

1)      Prayer beads

2)      Jewellery beads (necklaces, earrings, bracelets)

3)      Beads for house and home, blessings (includes garden)

Beads have been considered as amuletic in many cultures, some beads are used for prayer, others are used to impart powers on the wearer, some are for decoration, some are to ward off evil and others are used to bring blessings.

Beading is a large part of modern African art and culture and has been used since the time of the settlers in many cultures for decoration and to send secret messages as in Zulu jewellery.

A well known bead type is that of the evil-eye, a blue bead with eye detail, there are other types of beads in shapes of eyes, also to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye is a form of curse which comes about from jealousy, envy and hatred. It has long been part of Indian, Arabian and Greek cultures.

To ward it off, images of the evil eye, are placed over doorways, windows and on the person.

The best beads to use are glass, wooden or beads made out of natural materials, if you cannot find any of these, then plastic will do as we are modern witches, and must roll with the times.

Beads come in a number of fascinating shapes, sizes and colours. Use these to your advantage. For instance if you would like to bring joy and happiness into your life you can use a combination of pink, orange and light blue beads along with butterfly shapes.

If you want to bring stability you can use square beads, possibly a combination of large and small ones.

If you want to make beads for the garden you can include chimes so that when the wind blows through it will make a pleasant sound attracting gentle spirits and faeries.

If you would like to ward off evil and negativity you can attach bells as bad spirits dislike the sound of bells and find it annoying.

The above combinations are mainly house and home and jewellery type beads.

You can empower jewellery in the same way as house-beads. You can also give both as gifts. With jewellery beads you can personalise them with beads in the shape of initials.

Necklaces and bracelets have long been worn as amulets of protection and as love lockets. Kali wears a necklace of skulls that carry the 54 letters of the Sanskrit language.

Prayer beads have been used by Tibetan monks and Catholics in order to keep focus on the magical goal.

Here is an article that may be helpful

How to make magical prayer beads for full and dark moon

The full moon is a time for drawing power toward you, as is the waxing moon that leads up to it. The dark moon is a time for destruction and letting go as is the waning moon that leads up to it.

Prayer beads in honour of the moon can have 28 beads for one lunar cycle. You can make separate beading necklaces or charms as well each containing 28 or 14, depending on how YOU wish to make them.

The number of beads used should be significant to you and the goal you wish to manifest.

Any type of prayer bead necklace or charm should have as many beads as you find significant.

They should also be in a colour that you find suits the prayer or wish for instance full moon prayer beads would be white, clear or silver, dark moon prayer beads should be black, dark blue and dark purple.

Prayer beads for love and friendship can be in pink, red and orange. Beads for wealth can be green, gold and red and can have Chinese coins.  There is no end to the creativity that you can infuse the beads with.

When you have thread and beads in the colours you want you can begin stringing them. Every bead that you string can be passed through incense, flame, water, and salt, to bless them by the elements, they then can be strung saying a mantra, in the case of the dark moon:

“ The dark moon destroys and banishes I let go of_____”

For full moon:

“The full moon blesses and draws I draw to me________”

For love:

“I am blessed with love and happiness I draw to me_______”

Dark moon prayer beads can be used for the full lunar cycle or for the 14 days proceeding the full moon. (While the moon wanes). The climax should be on the dark moon. They should also be made and blessed on the dark moon. With full moon beads, they should be made on the full moon and can be used for the full lunar cycle or the 14 days preceding the full moon (while the moon waxes).

The affirmation should be repeated as many times as there are beads, at least once a day but as many times a day as you wish.

There are also items that you can add to beading projects like keys, shells, mirrors, charms and ribbons.

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