The Crow

“One for sorrow,Two for joy.”

I first noticed the power of crow on the morning of 8 April 2009 on the way to varsity. There was a whole flock of crows swooping around Joburg. The next morning, my Ouma passed away. The crows came to tell us that death would come.

Since then I was obsessed with the Crow, drawing pictures and finding as many articles on the crow as possible. Many people saw this as an obsession with death- in a way it was, but that has always been my obsession.

Crow’s medicine is powerful and linked with Raven’s so much so that Raven and Crow have become virtually interchangeable to most people. They are both very powerful teachers in their own right. The Crow native to my land is the pied crow, a beautiful, large black bird with a white chest; Dark and light, death and life.

As with all birds, the Crow occupies a space between land and sky. They are the natural communicators with the spirit realm. The Carrion Crow and the Ravens of the battlefields are harbingers and Guardians of death. The Crow can be a powerful witches familiar as a guide on the otherside, and can help bring you into contact with your ancestors.

The crow lends its eloquence to those that honour it, thus those with this totem are either good speakers or good writers.

The Crow is a totem of change and transformation. The crow is also a powerful messenger of magic, death, change, danger and action.

This is a small, simple rite to honour Crow:
I have chosen a Tuesday as a personal night of honouring Crow as Tuesday is ruled by mars, Mars is the planet associated with War. The Morrigan is a great Celtic Goddess who takes the form of a carrion crow on battlefields.

I have two candles that represent life(red) and death(black). These are lit at every ritual, spell and honouring as it allows me to slip into the shadow world.I light these two candles and start feeling crows energy sweep through me. I begin to transform into the crow, with every wave of my arms feathers as black as night ripple through my skin. With these wings I can fly…

While lighting the incense or tobacco, I sing a song, caw like a crow, or recite poetry in honour of the Crow. If you have crows in your area a practical way in which to honour them is leave scraps of meat for them on the roof or fields. the-ravens-call1

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