The Crow

“One for sorrow,Two for joy.”

One day in the city I saw thr biggest flock of Crows I had ever seen in my life, it was arresting. 

The next morning, my Ouma passed away. 

While I would not like to paint Crow as a death omen, as I am not superstitious, the experience was so strange and the loss of my Ouma so traumatic that these two seemingly random events became entertwined in my mind.

My obsession with crows and death at this time, led to many drawings, poems and small musings. Many others felt this was an obsession with death and morbidity. In the end It is the Chthonic, Psychopompic beings that come to me.

Crow magic is powerful and linked with Raven’s so much so that Raven and Crow have become virtually interchangeable to most people. They are both very powerful teachers in their own right. The Crow native to my land is the pied crow, a beautiful, large black bird with a white chest; Dark and light, death and life.

As with all birds, the Crow occupies a space between land and sky. They are the natural communicators with the spirit realm. The Carrion Crow and the Ravens of the battlefields are harbingers and Guardians of death. The Crow can be a powerful witches familiar as a guide on the otherside, and can help bring you into contact with your ancestors.

The Crow is a being of change and transformation and can therefore be called on whenever you are going through big transitions.


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