Spirits of the Dead incense

This is awful smelling stuff but aids in communication between the living and the dead. It is used on Samhain, and can be used as an offering to the ancestral dead. the ingredients aid in cleansing a space of negative energy, exorcism of “bad” spirits, seeing spirits, communication with the spirits, psychic enhancement to aid in any possible spirit sighting, protection and communing with ancestors.
1 part  Black Nightshade
1 part  Wormwood
1 part  Mugwort
1 part  Dandelion
1 part   Tobacco
1 part   Black Calla Lily
1 part   Benzoin (powder)
1 part   Graveyard dirt
1 part   Dragons blood resin (1 block chip)
1 part   Imphepho
1 part   Purple sage/White sage
1 part   Gum Arabic (powder)
Crush as finely as possible and burn:-)

To be cautious you can burn Frankincense and Myrrh before burning this in order to clear away negative energies:-)


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