Never Piss Off a Witch! The Itch and Burn Binding Spell

As with all untamed creatures in Nature, there’s safety in leaving the witch unprovoked- Raven Grimassi

There was the time when a good friend of mine, became an enemy. My heart was crushed and the carefully sellotaped walls of my life started to crumble again. This person was making it hard for me to do anything, they lied and blamed me for the things that were going wrong in their life, began threatening my life and existence. It was psychological warfare, and the battleground had been set.

voodooHaving a sample of this persons handwriting was a lucky twist of fate. My mother supplied me with a mirror box which she had made and I fashioned a black poppet for my friend-turned-enemy.

Itch and Burn Mix

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp dried chillies

1 tsp sulphur

1 tsp salt

1 tsp Black jack awns (Bidens pilosa)

1 tsp stinging nettle

Stuff the poppet with the herbal mixture and tie the poppets hands together. Place the poppet in the mirror box and lay your curse or binding.

The tying of the hands will render the victim useless to take action against you, and the mixture will make them painfully, uncomfortable with what they are doing or saying about you. The box ensures that if any negative action is taken against you by the person, it will rebound on them.

A powerful witch will have a plethora of herbs, oils, incenses, and objects with which to work baneful magic, some of these things include:

Graveyard dirt

Blackberry Bramble


Pins, needles and nails

The Cursing Herbs- Solanacaea family

Broken mirrors and glass

Black Dog hair

Recommended Reading

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