Pagan Questionnaire

A Pagan Questionnaire

I took this quiz about a year ago, I’m not sure if my answers have changed but here is where I’m at now.
Do you have a magical/Pagan name?
Yes. Nightshade. and the explanation should be on the about me page. I go by that name in pagan circles on the internet as well as around other pagans.
How did you find Paganism?
Basically through Earthdragon. But I had always believed in magic and fairies and ghosts and during my primary school years some of my friends played around as witches.
How long have you been practicing? Officially for around 10 years, but one can argue that I always have been a pagan since childhood talking to plant spirits and working my own childhood fantasy magic.
Are you out of the broom closet? Yes.

Solitary or group practitioner? Solitary, at the moment.

What is your path? I’m a witch trying to craft an eclectic system loosely based on neo-wiccan practices see my blog on “The nature of Eclecticism” for more on this.


What’s your brand of deism? Hard polytheist, animist and pantheist.

Who is your patron God? Anubis/Anpu/Yinepu

Who is your patron Goddess? Hecate/Hekate

What Gods do you worship? Many, often dark goddesses and the Egyptian pantheon.

Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddesses, or rather respect them? I worship them, so I respect them, although their energy can be frightening and their lessons hard I do not fear them. Although when I discovered Hekate was calling me I was doing the spiritual equivalent of wetting my pants. I love my gods, I do not fear them, but respect them as much more powerful than me, as my teachers, family and friends.

Do you worship the Christian God? No. If I did I’d be Christian. As a child I had a love hate relationship with him, and although I respect that he is a god of Christians that many Christian people find loving and kind, my experience with him has not been as fulfilling, beautiful and profound as my relationship with Anpu and Hekate and the other gods I honour.I don’t think it is possible to be a Christian Wiccan, they are two separate religions with very different worldviews that make no sense in combination. Being a Christian and a Witch seems a bit odd too as it is condemned in the modern bible. There are forms of Christian magic but I don’t practice them and none of the Christians I know do either.

Do you worship animals? Or plants? In a manner of speaking, as I believe that everything is divine, and that Nature/Earth is what created me. I honour animal spirits and plants yes, and as far as my cat is concerned I worship her or else…


Do you regularly commune with nature? Yes, It is part of who I am and it a big part of my magical name coming from a plant, Nature is integral to life, we are nature, we survive because of nature and we are destroyed because of nature, and when we die our bodies are returned to nature in one form or another.
Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature? No, nature is all around me.

Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth? That is difficult to answer as many times in my life, The natural world and the earth that we live on has been a friend when I had none. I have felt that connection at many points in my life near trees and rivers, specifically the older ones.

Do you have a familiar? No.

Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual? Yes. It is a major part of my practice.

Or a plant? Yes.

Do you hug trees? Yes. And sit in their presence and feel the immense power from them, and give them energy back.

Give them gifts? Water, wine, tobacco, coins, rose quartz.

What is your favourite plant/flower to work with? Lavender.

What are your favourite trees to work with? Willow, Eucalyptus.


What is your favourite holiday? Samhain

What is your least favourite holiday? All Holidays are fantastic.

Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday? Yes.

Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a Pagan holiday? No.

Do you celebrate Yule on the 21st rather than the 25th? I’m in the Southern Hemisphere Yule is in June.

Have you ever felt the veil thin? Yes.

Ever danced the Maypole? Yes.

Know what the Maypole symbolizes? Yes, I haven’t been under a rock for the last 10 years.

How do you usually celebrate the Pagan holidays? See my blog on “Re-Articulating the Sabbats”- It depends. Some of my holidays don’t fit into the Wiccan wheel of the year and are devotional to Anpu or Hekate. I often do solitary rituals but sometimes I’ve worked with Earthdragon.


Do you use Tarot? Yes, it is my favourite form of divination.

Do you use runes? Yes, but I’m still new to it.

Do you use a pendulum? No, they are not very helpful to me.

Do you use dowsing rods? No.

Do you use astrology? Yes. But horoscopes are often just for fun, real astrology is very useful in magic.

Any other forms of divination? Dream interpretation, omens, candle, I’ve attempted scrying but I’m not that good at it. Tea leaf reading.


What was the first spell you did? Not sure, probably one from Silver Ravenwolf or Fiona Horne.

What was the latest? A Spell to say goodbye to a soul of a tree and heal it from the butchery it experienced.

Ever done a love spell? Yes. but not the type that forces someone to love you.

A job spell? No, I will though when I start looking for a paying job.

A healing spell? Yes.

What was the most powerful spell you’ve ever performed? A protection, binding.

What deities do you usually call on? It depends, most spells I do not need to call on deities, as a spell is about your personal power. But when I’ve needed to Hekate and Anpu have helped me through the whoppers.


Do you believe in vampires? Meh,  I believe there are things that are parasitic that can be “demonic” or vampire-like, but no Lestat or twinkly ones. There are psychic vampires though.

Werewolves? Again Meh. It’s tough to say I’ve never seen one, but maybe they exist on some other plane, maybe humans have conjured egregores of them or maybe they are just a fantasy, maybe they are leftovers from the legends of shapeshifting.

Shapeshifters? Spiritually/Psychically yes. and Spirits and Godforms obviously can shapeshift.

Elves? Yes, but not the cute Christmas kind. I believe that they are much more like Tolkein’s conception of them.

Fairies? Yes, but not all fairies are twinkly like Tinkerbell.

Dragons? Yes.

Nymphs? Yes.

Sprites? Yes.

Mermaids? Yes.

Satyrs? Yes.

Ever “seen” any of the above? Not physically no.

Ever used any of the above in magic? Using a spirit, faery or dragon ha ha ha… Are you insane.

Do you have one of them as a personal guardian? No.


Do you see a rabbit, a man or a woman in the moon? A rabbit.

Own a cat? Yes, Marmalade and Willow are mine but I love Earthdragon’s kittehs as my own too.

When you meditate, what does your happy place look like? Personal.

Do you work with chakras? Yes.

Do you believe in past lives? Yes.

If so, describe a few briefly: I’ve never “remembered” one.

Do you believe in soul mates? Yes. But not the Hollywood kind.

Do you have a spirit guide? Not in the sense that I think this means.

Is it always love and light? Nope, people like that do not know anything about witchcraft, or reality for that matter.


All blog content is Copyright © 2011 of Nightshade unless otherwise stated


5 thoughts on “Pagan Questionnaire

  1. I feel this pos to be very informative. I consider myself to be pretty open minded and I am of te Christian faith. However, I love to learn and have a friend who is a lot like you in her beliefs as far as having a oneness with nature and such. I enjoyed reading this post as it has given me a broader understanding of the subject. I know very many christians would frown upon this sort of thing but I feel that we should love others and RESPECT everyones right to their own beliefs.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Oh I know what you mean! I have met many many many closeminded Christians as well. Those that have their own ways of doing things. (Long denim skirts and hair, no makeup, very very frumpy) and frown upon others who don’t follow those exact steps. I wasn’t raised that way nor was I EVER tought in my church that I had to wear dresses to be a Christian or have hair to the floor. I was tought to love my God and accept him as my saviour. I get alot of looks by those very people due to the fact that I have lots of tattoos and short hair haha but not all Christians are big fat jerks 🙂 There are a few though that make true Christians have a bad name.

      I think there are judgemental people in any religion and it is sad that people can’t set aside their differencec of opinion and actually get to know others. I love learning about different things and what better way than meeting new and different people.

      I like your blog 🙂 I personally don’t care what religion you practice I find you quite an interesting person 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

      • Lol, thank you, you’re very interesting too!

        I think the problem with any religion is the fact that the extremists get such media attention, and they are often what people think of when it comes to a particular religions.

        Ciao for Now 😛

  2. Thank you for reading! I think you may be one of my only Christian readers LOL!

    I’ve met other open-minded Christians and it is always great to just put religion aside and talk as people. Incidentally I’ve come across many closed minded pagans in my years, who have no respect for other religions. I think we get so lost in the “My way is right/persecuted/better/more spiritual than yours” that we lose sight of who people actually are.

    We all find spirituality in our own way and that is great, and important, if your beliefs allow you to express your true self, your happiness and your spiritual experience then it is right for you.

    Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    (p.s, no worries, my 9( broke off my keyboard and it’s stuck with prestick so now i have to press extra hard to get it to show 🙂 !

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