Witchcraft Questionnaire

1.   How did you first found out about Witchcraft/Wicca? How old were you?

Well, I knew what witchcraft was since I was a young child but I found out about Wicca when I was 11 ish 12 ish.

2.   When you first heard about the Witchcraft/Wicca, what attracted you to explore it more?

The connection to Nature, a less constricting view of god, magic.

3.   What does the Witchcraft/Wicca symbolize for you?

The power of transformation in daily life and the deep spiritual connection with the universal energies that allows for that transformation.
4.   Did the belief in Witchcraft/Wicca change your life?

Not really the belief but the experiences, yes.

5.   How did your parents react after they have heard about your choice?

Fine with it.

6.   Do you take part in rituals and use magic or you just believe in it?

As a witch it is integral to actually practice witchcraft, that is one of the biggest components of being a witch. Belief in magic maketh not the witch.

7.   What ritual and ceremonies do you do?

All sorts, Sabbats, Esbats, devotionals, and spell oriented ones.

8.   How do people react when they find out about your belief in Witchcraft/Wicca?

Most people really don’t care.

9.   How do you perform the rituals? Do you do it alone or in a group?

I’m a solitary although I sometimes work with Earthdragon.

10.    How did you meet Witches/Wiccan people? 

Haven’t met many to be honest, people are usually tightly in the broom closet, I mostly interact through online forums and networking systems.
11.   What attracted you when you first heard about Witchcraft/Wicca? Why did you carry on with it after you found out what it really is?

The self empowerment that comes from being a witch as well as the transformation inherent in it and the mysteries that I’ve experienced.


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