A Birds Death Rite

“I saw the dead bird

on the ground

and then I saw your teeth

one by one

her bones broke”

– Nightshade Purplebroom- Anubis


“I wrap you in a black shroud,

A shroud of our mother

I wrap you in black,

to protect your body and spirit

I wrap in you in the arms of the mother

I wrap you in Hekate’s cloak

I wrap you in the shroud of the ever after”

I hold the bird in the shroud in my hands and silently send the spirit on.

The bird is buried at the crossroads, or in the soil near a tree. As the body decomposes, the nutrients and nitrogen released from the body will feed the soil and any plants growing near it.

I bury the body with a small toke like a coin, or key, and on my return home I burn myrrh and frankincense.

Image from Pixabay

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