DIY projects- Gothing it Up!

DIY is incredibly important to the goth subculture, it asserts individuality while it allows for creativity. Wearing cookie cutter goth gear from the local goth shop or web-store is about as original as a Disney plot. The goth subculture prides itself on the fact that is if for individuals who are creative and like to wear their clothes in an original way, making your own goth clothes-if you have the skills or DIYing a few items allows you to express yourself in a creative manner  while acknowledging and respecting the routes of the subculture itself.

DIY is also a great way to revamp an outworn wardrobe and can be achieved whether or not you are goth or not. Here are some of my projects so far:

Mini hat from University market- this little hat I found at varsity while they were having a market, I decided to spruce it up with my favourite skeleton ribbon along with a blue “wing” from a butterfly collection that was destroyed by a cat.


The screaming skull hairbands I made from plastic skulls found at CNA, the elastic is from my mom’s sewing kit. I just made holes in them and shoved the elastic through. They would look a bit more professional with the right elastic but these were a test run and I think they came out well. I like wearing them for pigtails.

The armwarmers were made from a jersey that had a hole in the middle of one of the sleeves. I cut off the sleeves and pinned a bat by the hole, I also added my safety-pin collection (effectively finishing it) along the length of the armwarmers- they are perfect for a chill summer morning or evening or even as daytime wear during autumn.



These shoes were from Mr Price, but didn’t fit me properly when I wore them a week later, I left them in my cupboard for a year, wondering what to do with them. I decided to alter them a bit by giving them ribbons to hold them up and adding spiders to the front part giving them some spook factor. they would go well with a corporate goth look if you have the freedom to wear less conservative items of clothing.



These are just a few ideas about what you can do to create a more individual touch to your clothes. There are some great DIY tutorials over here , here and here  . There are also many resources on sewing clothes and stuff that you can google on the web. I will post more links to DIY tutorials from other bloggers as I go along as well!

I will post on more of my DIY projects as I get them done!


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