DIY update- My next project will be to…

…Make this massive umbrella I found at Dischem into a Parasol worthy of the goth DIY stamp.


I have a number of options:

1. Change the material into lace (probably going cost a bit of a pretty penny since it has to be high quality lace that will still protect me from the sun.

2. Add lace and ribbon to the trimmings

3. Add lace and ribbon to the trimmings and try my hardest at sewing a spider web motif

4. Change the fabric into something similar to Hexotica’s (It will still take a trip to a fabric shop which I have not found yet in my current city, and hope that they know what I’m talking about because often the ladies I’ve come across are clueless even though they work at a fabric shop.)

It is now my task to figure out what will work best, what my level of skill is capable of achieving and how long it will take (because I need this while it’s still summer)

I have already decided to make it a tad smaller as right now it can fit three and a half of me underneath it and it will be very cumbersome.


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