Samhain Pumpkin bread

Yes, In South Africa it is not Samhain. The wheel will be turning to Beltaine on October 31st, but the Goths and opportunist witches among us, will celebrate Halloween as well as Samhain.


I love Halloween, this is no secret and I love dressing up as fantastical things (again this is no secret). So here is a lovely recipe for pumpkin bread (which is delicious) that comes from Silver Ravenwolf “Halloween” 2005 Llewellyn.  Here is a scan of a page from my Book of Shadows: Spell and Recipe Grimoire. The Recipe is slightly edited from the original as we couldn’t find canned pumpkins as it is called for in the original.


The Recipe can be found on page 104 and instead of the 600g pre-cut pumpkin, 1 cup of canned pumpkin can be used as per the original instructions. The pumpkin from a can does not need to be cooked according to the book. The rest of the recipe is exactly the same. We use Celsius but if you use farenheit it will be 350F.

The Recipe came out very well even with the change from canned to pre-cut pumpkin. It was absolutely delicious and will definitely be baked as Samhain and for Halloween tea parties in my house!

I will also be definitely trying her other recipes!

Note: although Silver Ravenwolf gets a lot of heat from the Wiccan community, I do think her recipes and ideas are sensational. She also has the ability to make a spell out of anything which is a great inspiration for other witches and Wiccans, don’t boycott her entirely, instead make up your own opinions of her and as with EVERY author double-check information through cross research!


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