The Witches Blade

A Witches blade is a powerful tool of the intellect and will. In modern craft traditions it is called an Athame. The athames is double edged and a perfect balance between mercy and Severity.

Traditionally athame’s are black handled knives. Black absorbs energy and therefore stores up any energy a witch or magician work with.

Athame’s are not used to cut things in the physical realm but to cut non physical things like energy, in some traditions the Athame is used to cast a circle as it directs the witch’s power outward.

Athame’s can be engraved with your magical name and can be bound with your blood in order to personalise it and give it your energy signature.

I love knives, swords and steel weapons so it is no surprise that I often use swords in my rituals as well (often for outside rituals or when I have more space). Swords carry much of the associations of Athame’s but are most often seen in ceremonial, or coven rituals.

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