Water my Blood…



I love to collect shells from the beach to make into chimes and charms and as gifts for Hekate. Like the ocean, her call is deep and can be frightening, her power is wild and free, her beauty is in the glistening water.

Hekate, like the ocean, is also comforting, the soft waves caressing the shore as she gently brushes away our tears.

Hekate is often invoked to protect sailors. and standing at the shore, a transitional space in which land and sea meet is a good way in which to connect with her liminal energy.

The Liminal Guardian of water is the Frog or Toad, a creature associated with Witchcraft and the Devil, as well as with fertility and abundance. The Frog’s call is said to bring the rain, and is a harbinger of a wet and fertile season.

The Bucket Spell 

Fill an iron-bound bucket in the sea, and throw the water back. Repeat this twice more and each time as you return the water to the sea say:

“I return to you what is yours

Return to me what is mine”

  • Scott Cunningham- Earth Power pg 138

Aphrodite is also associated with the ocean. To bring  her blessings wash in the ocean under a full moon, and leave her sea shells in her honour (preferably clam shells).

You can also call the sirens for inner beauty and mermaids for outer beauty, just remember that they are spirits and can be as tempestuous as the oceans they live in or near. Sirens are also associated much more with deadly seduction so be careful of the way in which you word your spell, you do not want to bring what you don’t actually want.

The ocean and water as an element is associated with the feminine. The ocean and water are associated with mystery and emotion. Its direction is given as West. Water is kept on the altar to represent the element, I usually keep it in a glass bowl or glass cup. In many cultures water is associated with purification, and as it is an important life force it is venerated. A cup, chalice or cauldron can also be used to represent water on an altar, and scrying can be done through the use of a cauldron as water is a reflective surface.

It is said that if an evil spirit or vampire is following you, and you jump over a puddle of water or other body of water that the spirit cannot follow you.

If you do not live near the ocean, you can implement water magic at home in the bathroom by using sea salt and blue food colouring to slightly tint the water, you can also get creative incense scents like “sea breeze”. I like to have an altar of beauty in the bathroom, with sea shells, dolphins and mermaids, candles and incense so that I can feel pampered.

There really is no end to what you can do if you use your imagination.  Fish tanks, fish ponds, fountains, mini fountains or just clean glass bowls of water can really balance a fiery area of the house where lots of arguments break out, they can give movement to places that seem slow and unproductive, they can bring an emotional understanding to intellectual pursuits as well.

Whatever way in which you decide to work with the water element, it will be beneficial. Being a witch is about creating balance which means that all of the elements should be worked with.

*This blog post is part of the 44 Days of Witchery Challenge Day 4

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2 thoughts on “Water my Blood…

  1. Greetings, this is very cool. It’s both, curious and interesting, that you delve into the Sea and its connection with Hekate as it’s not one most folks talk about. I think most folks (myself included) are more familiar with Hekate’s chthonic aspects and mebbe with those more associated with the skies (not all of whom are attested to in historical literature). In any case, I’ve some pretty seashells I’ve had on the proverbial backburner and lately I’ve been thinking of doing something with them such as setting up a small altar as you describe. Btw, I love ‘Earth Power’ and the follow-up to it ‘Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic’. Blessings.

    • Merry Meet,
      I have also noticed that Hekate’s connection to the sea has been left out of many texts and not explicated in historical literature. I do think that it is one of the aspects of Hekate that was revealed to me later on in my path, as Her chthonic aspect is far more spoken about and the one that most of us come into contact with first. I do feel that as someone dedicated to Hekate, specifically within a modern time, that I should explore Her less spoken about aspects as there is much to learn in those areas and they offer a different understanding of Her. As I do not live by the ocean currently it is an aspect of Her that I can only explore periodically or through meditation though but I revel in the times when I can visit the Coast.

      I have just gotten hold of the “Earth, Air, Fire and Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic” and I will be reading it as soon as my last exam is over:-)

      Bright Blessings

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