I dedicated myself to Hekate on the Winter Deipnon in June of 2010.  The dedication was simple but difficult to explain; it is like trying to explain the complexity of the universe, trying to explain ecstasy and Mystery- words fail to capture every nuance of the experience.

It was an incredibly beautiful experience, and one that is stamped in my heart forever, the feeling of the cold night air, followed by the steam of the bath water and the naked anticipation of the night was electric. The Lavender incense and the steam made me heady and the words that I had planned in my head became scrambled.

Her energy was gentle but commanding. In her presence I felt crippled in my body but my soul felt free. I was frozen by her power, she was astounding and sublime.



When I dedicated to Hekate, a Priestess of an oracular groupe told me that I would be initiated by Her and that Her lessons were difficult. I know this as fact. Once dedicating to Her and taking role of devotee and priestess to Her, She sought to test me further. I have grown stronger and I’m different from when I dedicated to her which is part of the process of initiation.

I love Her.


William Blake- Hekate

Public Domain Image 

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