My Parasol






If you will remember my post on my Next DIY project , you will know that I was attempting to make a gothy parasol out of this huge umbrella. This is a spider web pattern which I’m sure I’ll be doing more of once my exams are finished.


I got together all supplies including:


Umbrella with removable end caps and black fabric.


White string/thickish thread


Scissors and wire cutters




Black cotton string




Patience (it takes a bit)


Swear Jar (for every time you prick yourself and get smacked by the spokes.)


Movies (To play in the background)


(It would be good to have measuring tape but I couldn’t find mine so I used the string as a makeshift measuring device)

Left over fabric:



The cut off spokes:



Removable end caps:



I first removed the end caps of the umbrella and cut of the spokes to the desired size, as the umbrella was too big and would be cumbersome.

I then cut around the top of the umbrella as the top was not removable, I had to cut very carefully. It is preferable to find an umbrella with a removable top). I then laid the fabric on the floor and measured the size I wanted and marked it with chalk (it should be smaller than the spokes to make the parasol bendy and the fabric tight. I made sure I had enough for re-sewing the hem and to re-sew the top but I miscalculated making a slight bit of a disaster.

I then got to sewing the white thread onto the seams of the umbrella panels, I did this by hand so it took forever and it didn’t look completely tidy, it would be better to use a sewing machine if you have one. After I did this I began to sew the spiral/spider web pattern.

When I had done this I sewed on the end caps and re-sewed the top of the parasol back onto the top cap.

The parasol looked too straight for my tastes and I had to use the white string to make it bendy. I tried it out the next day, but I thought it looked unprofessional, as the panels were loose and the string just looked !Bleh! (I don’t have pictures as my camera ran flat), so I redid it on Monday, making the hem line bigger. The fabric looked tighter and the parasol was slightly bendy without the string and now looks much better.






In total it took about 13 hours to do this.



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