An experience with Anubis

I walk into a darkened room with a small lantern. The scent of Myrrh floods my senses and I kneel before the altar. The dark organ-sounds play from the speakers and I cannot speak. I’m arrested by His presence. He stands before me with His staff,  holding out a hand. I take His hand and I’m no longer in my bedroom but a darkened tomb…the embalming chamber.

He leads me to the body, and when I look, I see that it is mine. He gently washes my body, cleansing it for the afterlife. He removes each organ lovingly, placing them into the hands of the Sons of Horus. Time doesn’t exist in the embalming chamber, it doesn’t exist in Anpu’s presence. My body is treated with salt, and the dehydration process takes over my body. My limbs are then packed with clay and my body with linen and myrrh. My corpse is lovingly treated with oils and lotions and eventually I’m wrapped in the shroud, mummified…

Later I come to, and I am laying in the darkened room, renewed, touched and loved by Anubis, my Patron god, my friend, my strength.

Anpu is always there for me, always guiding me. He has been my patron god for the better part of the 10 years I’ve been practicing witchcraft, and has always fascinated me. His energy is complementary to Hekate’s and I do believe that they work well together from my own experience. The Tomb on the Crossroads, the Key and Ankh.

Anubis also has a very playful side, which I have experienced often, but His loyalty and fierce protection never wane for a moment.  His staff gives me strength when I feel the weight of the world crushing me, and his gentle breath and presence is around me throughout the day. As with Hekate I have had experiences with Anubis that cannot be explained, cannot be written, they are the Mysteries, and must be discovered by each of his acolytes alone in the desert tomb.

He is my friend, my confidant, my guide, my lord.

I love Him.

Anubis attending the mummy of sennedjem

Public domain image

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7 thoughts on “An experience with Anubis

  1. Wow, sounds amazing. Pretty powerful stuff here. You know this isn’t the first time I find a devotee of Anubis that also works with/worships Hekate or vice versa. I’ve met quite a few people that have paired them up, mostly unintentionally (one of these being a long time friend who worshipped both from his early teens throughout his early twenties). Seems to make sense though: the canine connection, the psychopomp connection, the magic connection, the, shall I say, ‘dark’ connection, etc. Anyway, kudos!

    • Thank you! Yes recently I have found a few people who devote to both Anubis and Hekate, and I think it is such a wonderful connection to make. I always love to hear about interesting collaborations between God energies and how different Gods from different pantheons can work well together. I’m sure some people have had disastrous collaborations which brought on the “don’t mix different pantheons ‘rule'” but I do think if people are willing to dig deeper and find a connection and be respectful and sincere that they will be surprised. Blessings!

  2. Hi, I love the way you are working, it is obvious that you are very confident and own your own power, that is fantastic, and your approach is very intelligent. I am a wiccan, I am coming up to my 3rd degree, wicca can be very structured, in the last few months Anpu has made himself known to me, also Isis as well, so at the moment I am working with Anubis, quite allot is happening in my life since making the connection, allot of old stuff of the past that is buried deep in my life is starting to come to the surface in dreams, some not nice, negative emotional stuff, really this is what I have needed for quite some time, a good clear out lol. I really have enjoyed reading all of your experience, Nice one! Blessings, Sirius.

  3. I have experience with Anubis and spirits.When I was 18, he was appearing to me like a giant black shadow with red eyes in a shape of jackal.He and others where protecting me for almost a year.I do not worship him because I am a loyal christian to God, but I have experience with them on unexplainable ways.They are gone now,and I feel somehow nostalgic and grateful to Anubis and the others.

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