Skulls, skeletons and a hat…

Did I mention I love skulls and skeletons? Like with a big L!

Skulls and skeletons are a type of “Memento Mori“, that is, something that reminds us of our mortality “Remember your mortality”, or “Remember you must die”  and they were very popular in medieval art.  Memento Mori were widely used in Christian art and architecture which is where my love for it came from. I actually first heard the term, or saw it rather, in Michelle Belanger’s book “Walking the twilight path: A Gothic Book of the Dead” (Will post a review on this) and then came across it again when exploring Christian art in Art History.

In my practice the skull is used in much the same way, as a reminder of my mortality and that living in the moment is precious. Most of the Goths that I’ve come across share this view along with enjoying the aesthetic appeal. I always have a skull on my altar and during Samhain, the larger white ceramic one gets placed on the altar as well.

I have a small collection of skulls and skeletons, and I apologise for any bad quality pics. (Also I’ve just realised that as this is partially an art blog I’m eventually going to run out of space :0).

These I saw at Cardies the other day and my better half insisted that he get them for me. I don’t know who exactly the artist is but it says Copyright 96 W.U. So I’d just like to thank the artist for making Mr and Mrs Skelly :-), it is amazing artwork and I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!




This I bought along with the black one and it was just plain with the feathers and rose/bow detail. I sewed on the lace trim and glue-gunned on this skull I got from Golden Gecko.









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2 thoughts on “Skulls, skeletons and a hat…

  1. Wow, this is an amazing post-LOVE all of the skulls! Your hats especially are too cool for words, and giving me serious hat envy-I wish I had the courage to do DIY millinery! Skulls are so much fun-I just wore my skull scarf today, and got many compliments. And I LOVE your skull lamp with the bunny ears-I think I would do something similar with a hairbow if I had such a thing!

    • Thank you! I was also quite nervous about doing anything with the hats, as I was looking for hats like these for yours and never found anything. But then I just thought I should bite the bullet and do what my hands wanted to do :-). I’m actually planning on making my own top hats from scratch but that will have to wait until after my last assignment. Skulls are definitely fun!

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