Air My Breath…

Air is the element of intellect, the mind, beginnings, words, poetry and flight. In the circle Air is guarded by Crow or Raven, a most intelligent and much maligned avian. The Crow or Raven is known in folklore to have stolen fire from the sun, or at least been brave enough to try. This fire is a symbol of the intellect, of the divine mind, of human imagination and the power we have been given by Promethean beings like the Crow.


I have a rather large imagination, which leads me to have horrid images in my head when I read about serial killers and other such gross,creepy and, ghastly things. I also tend to float about in the clouds lost in my own imagination and come up with story lines for my own tales and dream up whole worlds. Unfortunately my thoughts are not always in one place which leads to me being easily distracted by all sorts of things that tend to grab my attention, like a cat.


I’ve had one experience where the wind was so strong and so cold that I couldn’t walk through it. Instead I just sat down on the spot and surrendered to the raw power of the wind.  This wind was not a gale or a tornado, it was just too strong for me to fight it. Letting myself surrender to the power of the wind was a refreshing experience and helped me to understand the power of the element that I had neglected for the first few years of my dedication to the path.


Bells are a symbolic tool of air, working through sound waves and the vibrations which sound releases. Bells and chimes can be hung outdoors or by a window that gets a lot of wind. Making your own wind chime is also a creative way to get in touch with the air element. It can be made of anything that will make a nice sound as it is moved by the wind, such as pieces of wood, shell, metal, coins, little bells and charms.  Each item can represent a wish that when the wind blows through it will be granted. Something similar can be done by tying ribbons onto a tree or plant.

Hekate holds power over the three realms of Earth and Sea and The sky, and holds powers over storms. As a goddess who roams most often by night, the night sky is another way in which to envision the air element, a dark expansive space, littered with infinite stars.

My personal forays into working with the air element include a re-dedication ritual that I did a few years ago. Butterfly, being a spirit animal I work with often, was the spirit that chose to help me that year and the dance of the butterfly was frenzied and a powerful way for me to connect with this air spirit.


*This post is part of the 44 days of Witchery blog challenge- Day 7

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