Night of Hekate

At sunset begins the revelry, the Mystery unfolds, and the Goddess with Her howling black dogs quakes the earth.

Last November I had much more privacy than I currently have now in my new living space, so my celebration has to be more private than before – something Hekate does not mind at all, being a night-wanderer, she walks in shades and Her face is rarely seen.

A Hekate’s supper consisting of Her traditional foods is often held on this night.

Last November I recall making oat cookie/cake type things for her, that came out alright. For August 16 earlier this year, I made cup cakes with candles for Her as well.

I would put the recipe up but I didn’t actually measure most of the ingredients LOL, so I think its best I not make people blow up their kitchens.

They taste pretty good warm, crunchy/soft texture. I will see if I can make it better next time and then I’ll post the recipe:-)

Hekate of the Night, I honour your beauty this night!


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