The passionate, sensuous second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, happens to belong to me, my mother and my boyfriend. As you can imagine with the combined stubbornness of a kraal of cattle, we stand steadfast in our decisions regardless of any other input, prodding or good sense.

Taureans on the whole are  a creative bunch, often having interest in art and music and working with hands. We also tend to be sensual creatures, taking plenty of comfort in luxurious baths, sweet and tasty scents, good food and fine wine.

Most Taureans tend to share a love of animals, nature and gardening as a result of Taurus being an Earth sign.

As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, we are lovers of romance and are dedicated and faithful lovers and partners.

Taurus people are often incredibly possessive, both claiming ownership of material luxuries and people. Along with this possessiveness comes a constant jealous streak, which if not kept in check, could ruin friendships, relationships and self-esteem.

Taureans also tend to be patient but a fire sign in the natal chart can fuzz with this completely.

Taurus people do not like change, we like stability, to settle in one place and not deal with excessive amounts of change. It is funny then that I’m devotee of transitional deities, and honour transitional spirit animals.

Taurus anger is not an anger to tamper with, for although for most Taureans it is slow (unless there is a fire influence), it is tremendous and scary for those who may not have witnessed it before.

Taurus people on the whole are calm and placid (unless of course you suffer from anxiety attacks like moi), love to have a good time and relax, they are sensible, caring, generous and fond of affection.

People may say that two Taurus people cannot be in love, but i think that depending on the upbringing, other natal influences and a myriad of other things that a relationship can work out well between two Taureans, as the passion is shared, a love of the same/similar things is shared and many values are shared.

A book I will be reviewing next week Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grimoire by Brenda Knight has a small section on Goth astrology. Here is the extract for Taurus- p 186:

“The fixed earth sign of Taurus, represented as the mighty Bull, will not tolerate lies, dishonor or false pledges. Characterized as the wielding earth goddess of all dark forces, the healing Taurus will be seen gathering wild herbs to brew a wicked tea;so it is best to be on her good side. Lovely in dark greens and maroons, the Gothic Taurus can honor her earth sign with vibrant green hair and pointy toed shoes.”-Brenda Knight `Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grimoire`


Colour: Blues, Greens (although many a Taurean is fond of purple with a deep connection to it)

Stones: Emerald, Sapphire, Jade, Opal (Amethyst is a favourite among many Taureans)

Flower: Violet

Day of the week :Friday

Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius

 Public Domain Image

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