A Witchling in the making-Paranormal Experiences from my Childhood


When I was a little girl we lived in a haunted house. This house was the first home I ever knew. I believe this house contained not only a ghost, but also an evil spirit that enjoyed feeding off of anger, depression and pain.

My bedroom and the bathroom right across from it was the main source of this “entity”. My room always smelt kind of sour and stale even with all the windows open and it always was dark even when the curtains were open. I always felt as though something was watching me, whatever it was, it meant harm. I looked under my bed once for a teddy bear that fell and I saw two large, red, human-like eyes. From that day forward I slept in my mother’s room. My mother and father never questioned it or saw it as an overactive imagination as they themselves felt that awful dense, creepy feeling. My mom came into my room to study for one of her exams and she felt such an oppressive and dark feeling that something “bad” was there she left.

In the living room area there was another entity, but this one didn’t seem too harmful. My father’s ex’s son, saw a man in the doorway and kept asking his mom who the man was, but she couldn’t see anyone.

On my Ouma’s old plot, there were spirits that used to watch us while we walked out at night. I never felt any evil, but that didn’t stop me from taking Pixie out with me on my night walks.

In my dad’s house I believe there was a ghost which hung around in my sister’s room mostly but would occasionally make itself present in my room.

I believe ghosts may have been people who have died but have not crossed, so their spirit remains with us, for whatever reason.I also believe many ghosts can also be residual energies, rather than sentient spirits.

Ghosts tend to benevolent. Some ghosts may be more “violent” or carry more “violent” energy as they were violently killed, or something tragic happened, this will read in their energy “vibes”. Sometimes the ghost may not realise the “vibes” it is giving off, and sometimes it may actually wish you harm.

Demonic entities have no sense of moral compass, they do not have a human conception of good and evil, so they tend to just go about their business doing whatever it is they are doing. Sometimes a demonic entity is out to harm you, perhaps it was sent by another witch, or may have a special interest in your own magic and power.

Fae and Nature spirits can also give off a  haunting energy, and are generally harmless, although many nature spirits and fae, have a deep dislike of human beings, so it is always better to be respectful around them.

How do you know there is paranormal activity going on in your home?

  • Cold spots
  • Noises that cannot be explained including creaks, slamming doors and footsteps/knocking
  • The feeling of a presence watching you or in the same room
  • Phantom sounds like music and voices that cannot be explained
  • Phantom smells like a perfume worn by the ghost while living
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, a pressure on chest, oppressive feelings, nausea
  • Electrical interference
  • The moving of objects

There are many types of ghosts including human and animal, residual and fully aware.

As a result of my early childhood experience, I have somewhat of an obsession with ghosts and hauntings, and would love to be a “ghost hunter”!

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*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Wicthery Day 18- Have you had any paranormal experiences.

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