The Phoenix


Stephanie Pui-Mun Law- “Death”


Wonders of the water air and earth are all the same
you’ll never know a wonder like the wonders of the flame!
Freely fly as what you are and never walk in shame!
You must not fear to blister if you’d live a life in flame!
I am girl and firebird and solace is my name!

-SJ Tucker- Firebirds child

Fire is death and transformation, rebirth and healing. Walking through Hekate’s flames is to burn and die, and to come out reborn a witch.

Perhaps no other mythological creature captures the beauty and power of the flame more than the Phoenix. The phoenix originates in Egypt as the Bennu, and was carried over into Greece and Rome. The phoenix has been popularised in modern times in the tales of Harry Potter, as Fawkes, the brave, loyal and beautiful companion to Dumbledore.

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, resurrection and a new lease on life after tragedy because at the end of its life cycle, the bird will build a nest of incence twigs, and dies consumed by the fire of the sun, or its own inner light. From the ashes it leaves behind, it rises again and transforms into a new phoenix.

The phoenix is a symbol of profound and often difficult change. Flames will consume you in a trial by fire, but you can be reborn again. The phoenix is strongly linked to life cycles, particularly the endings and beginnings, the old self must die, for the new self to be reborn and this can be a painful process. The phoenix is also a symbol of spiritual rebirth and resurrection, and is a powerful ally during the dark nights of the soul.

In some legends the phoenix spends its first life stage as worm after dying and before transforming into the Phoenix again, and this can represent the dark, Chthonic relam of the underworld.

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge- Day 20- A Picture of a Tarot or oracle card and meaning

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