The Rutting Ram’s Moon

The Rutting Ram’s Moon is the Waxing moon in Aries- strong, aggressive, virile and full of intense growing energy.

The waxing moon, is associated with increase and thus spells which include, gaining wealth, prosperity, energy and any “constructive” magic including bringing love, beauty,friendship, success and courage. The energy of the moon is building, encouraging, growing, and can be used in order to accelerate a project or set things in motion.

The December moon is hot, summary and full of fire, and I would work magic during this time that would draw on those influences, i.e to bring passion, creativity and inspiration for my art, to bring some spice into the bedroom and for a fertile garden.

My Solstice is often spent going to Nurseries looking for plants and some garden features and working garden magic. As the last Summer solstice was accompanied by the Full moon, I enjoyed a great Esbat/Sabbat with my plants and blessing the family with protection, passion and happiness (we really needed it!). Due to the heat of December, I’ve come to refer this moon as the the Fiery moon.

The Rutting Ram’s Moon is great for doing any lusty spells, or spells to ignite passion. It is great to start projects but be careful for Aries energy is swift and runs out of steam. The moon in Taurus is much better for long-term projects that require determination rather than swift, high energy work. Today would be great for any spells for health and vitality, starting a venture, and courage.

As it is also a Sunday, this Rutting Ram’s Moon is lended extra power, spells for quick results, success, and anything to do with male health and increasing virility are also excellent to do during this time. Consecration of swords and other weaponry is also appropriate for this moon.

Colours for the day include, gold, red and orange.

Herbs and flowers include: Cinnamon, Carnation, Sunflower and Chili

Crystals: Tigers eye, Carnelian, Sunstone

Today I will personally be tapping into the auspicious alignment of energies from the  waxing moon in Aries, Sunday in December, for a health and fitness spell, to kickstart my exercise plan and healthy eating, for health longevity and strength. Once the moon moves into Taurus I will be tapping into the stabilising energies to make sure that I stay steadfast in the goals that I set today.

*Part of the 44 Days of Witchery blog Challenge day 22- Current moon phase

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