Candle Magic

Candles are an essential ingredient in many spells. Not only do they set the mood for magic and mayhem but they also can be crafted, blessed and and prepared to increase the potency of spells.

When I am at my altar, or when I am writing, I always have candles burning. Lucky for me, when there is a power failure, I always have some form of light in my home.

Black and White candles are wonderful all purpose candles. While white is often used for meditation, healing, and drawing of love, black candles can be used for banishing, cursing and the darker arts, as well as for protection and necromancy.

Each candle that I use within spells is carved, engraved and anointed in oils which will help empower the spell and rolled with herbs and powders.

Candle magic is powerful, as it combines the power of all the elements in wax, wick, flame and air.

A pink candle anointed with jasmine, rose and lavender can be used to attract love. A red candle anointed in cinnamon and rose is used for lust and passion. A green candle anointed with black cat oil, can be used fo luck in gambling. A green candle can also be used for wortcunning  and to help with communication with plant and forest spirits.

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*posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge day 23- a Favourite candle

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2 thoughts on “Candle Magic

  1. I am doing the challenge too and I agree this is topic is a lacking which is why I skipped it. But I like the way you approached it, You took a lame question and turned it in to a educational opportunity. You Rock!

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