Moon in Scorpio

I  was born on a full moon in Scorpio. From birth it would seem my life would always be fated to the occult, and the darker arts. I follow the serpent path written in the stars, and within my bones…

The original planetary ruler of Scorpio was Mars, Lord of war and passion. In modern astrology however, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of Death and Hidden depths.

For those born under the moon in Scorpio, we are highly secretive, keep a tight lid on our emotions often due to feeling that we are too passionate, jealous etc. We tend to be moody, possessive and filled with an artists intensity. We also tend to be rather sarcastic and vengeful. 

Full moon in Scorpio
My blood is aching and I want to go
As far away from here as I can go
Descend into hellWendy Rule – Full Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time for working with the shadow and doing rituals and spells related to sex, death, transformation and initiation. A waning or dark moon in scorpio will give extra power to spells of banishment and curses. As Pluto is he Lord of the hidden realm Moon in Scorpio isthe perfect time to do anything that requires secrecy. During the waxing moon in scorpio, we are able to work with the healing energies of transformation and scorpion medicine. 

Public domain image


Jonathan Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac (1997) London:Piatkus

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