The Weaver




By Nightshade (Me)

The young girl travelled the path

‘Til it no longer was the same

 She travelled into the other world

the world of spells and fae


As she looked at each glittering star

that sat upon each stem

She grew tired and weary

and fell to sleep on them


When she awoke she was back home

but alas no one was there

she looked upon a mirror and

could not help but stare


She had aged beyond mortal years

A crone of wise never seen

She remembered all a-sudden

the spiderwight-weaved dream


Fae had danced around her soul

teaching her sweet spells

She fell in love with a faery king

and became a Queen as well


But time had come to end her days

in the Faery realm

She wished for her family

and bid the fae farewell


When she arrived they all were dead

And she could not return

The path was no longer there

And she, her lesson learnt


She now sits in the sewing room

Weaving destinies

she silently cuts the thread and

brings eternity

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog challenge Day 27- A picture of Nature

Poem and Photograph copyright of Nightshade, author of  Dec 2011.

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