Spell Box Gift



I made this about 2 years ago for a friends 21st and used his Astrological sun sign and his interest in psychic abilities to create a spell box. 1. Go to a craft shop and pick up: a wooden spaghetti box or other rectangular box in which incense will fit, paint, tiles, varnish/glaze and a paintbrush. 2. Go to an occult store of some kind and pick out  herbs, incenses, crystals, charms etc 3. Bless all charms and trinkets. 4. Paint the box, if you aren’t that artistic then you can decopage it quite easily or just give it two coats of paint and put on some tiles to add extra decoration. 5. Apply varnish to dry paint. 6. Place all trinkets in the box once varnish is dry. 7. Give it to your pagan/witchy friend! This is a really simple idea that has no limits in creativity, i.e you can make bath salts and soaps specially designed for use by your friend/loved one. You can get a bigger box and put inside a nice book, a tarot/oracle deck, a small statue of the God/Goddess they worship. I’m pretty sure most Witches like to have a supply of boxes around to keep any tools or disposable supplies like candles and incense in, I’m also pretty sure most witches/pagans would be thrilled that you replenished their favourite incense, gave them a blessed crystal or bought them that Athame they’ve been waiting for! You can base this gift on astrological associations as I did, or on what type of craft your pagan friend is into, or even just on how well you know them. The gifts need not cost too much if you’re on a budget!


Can this be adapted for non-pagans? Hell Yeah! If your friend enjoys tea, just think about giving them a lovely box filled with specialty teas. If your friend likes feeling luxurious and you aren’t into making soaps, there are tonnes of specialty soaps on the market. Your friend is a stationery freak? instead of getting them the rectangular box get one designed for stationery and paint it/decopage it (I did this for my mum). Your friend is a fan of Jack? Get them some specialty chocolate lacquers, small bottles of Jack and Viola! Your friend is a Goth? Decorate the box with all manner of gothy things (things I like include bats, spiders, skulls, and lace motif) and include in the box anything that your friend would like (I’m not gonna pigeonhole all of us Goths, so really anything your friend has been bugging you for like, good black nail varnish, mini-hats, etc. Really the only limit is your imagination so have fun this Christmas/Yuletide/Summer festivity and get craftin’!!   All blog content is Copyright © 2011 of Nightshade thepurplebroom.wordpress.com unless otherwise stated


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