Witchy Wish List

I’ve already got 3 items from my Wish List : The Robin Wood Tarot R253 from Golden Gecko


I’ve been wanting a more traditional deck for quite some time, so that I can expand my Tarot skills beyond the basic, and I find it much easier with a traditional deck. Qebehsenuef Canpoic Jar R90 from Golden Gecko canopic-jar   I am still waiting for the Hapi Canopic Jar but my collection is almost complete:)

Egyptian Revenge Magic- Claudia R Dillaire R175 from Golden Gecko


So far this book is awesome, and I’m glad I picked it up. I know many people are afraid of Karma, so much so that it has become the Witchy boogy man, but I prescribe to the belief that a witch who cannot hex cannot heal, and also some dirtbags really deserve a good curse. The book also offers spells on letting go and removing anger. Other things I really want:

  • A Tibetan Singing Bowl. My mother has one, but I’d love to have my own!
  • A crow statuette, although I have no clue where I’ll find one
  • Coven Craft by Amber K- I have always been fascinated about the technicalities of Coven work, and one day would like to run a family tradition, I’m hoping this book may be helpful, and that it will come down in price:P
  • Egyptian Prosperity Magic- Claudia R Dillaire
  • Gardening with the Goddess:Creating Gardens of Spirit and Magick
  • Shadow Magick Compendium– Raven Digitalis-  Out of my price range
  • Hekate- Her Sacred fires- This is also waaaaaaaay out of my price range
  • Goth Craft– Raven Digitalis

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge- Day 28

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