Earth My Body…

Being an Earth Sign, Taurus, I always felt a strong connection with sturdy, nurturing and grounding earth.

On my altar, I often have crystals and gemstones, stones or jars of earth and dirt collected from various locations.

It is said that the element of the sign which you are born under would determine the way in which one prefers to dispose of spell ingredients. Burial is a well known way in which to dipsose of spell ingredients and offerings can be left at the crossroads for Hekate as part of the Katharsia.

Curse items should be buried off of your property, whereas protective magic like certain types of witches bottles should be buried at the corners of your garden. I used to bury offerings at the foot of the willow tree when we lived in our old house.

Being a Taurus might have a great deal to do with why I enjoy gardening so much. Another influence is my Ouma, who taught me how to garden when I was a young child. I feel that a great way to connect with the earth element, more than any meditation is actually practical, physical work in the garden. Many spells can be coordinated with the growing of a particular plant, for instance love, prosperity and protection. I cannot live in a place devoid of plant life, that is why I have so many pot plants and why I fully intend to never leave my plants behind if I have to. My dream is to settle down and be able to plant my plants in a place that will remain a family home. Herb gardens are a wonderful delight, and I’ve always been sad to leave mine behind. When one takes flowers and leaves from a plant, a gift of thanks should always be left. Gifts include, coins, water, tobacco and energy. One should be careful when taking the roots of a plant, to not destroy an entire species of plants, and to thank the plant for sacrificing itself.

Another way in which to connect with the earth element, is to work with crystals, rocks, gems and other stones- another obsession since childhood. Crystals should be cleaned before they are used as one does not know the energy that it may have gathered before it came into your possession. Ways of cleansing a crystal include: Soap water, Salt Water, Exposure to sun and moonlight, burial in the earth. Research each crystal thoroughly. Some crystals, you may find make you feel dizzy and light-headed, this is often indication that the energy does not synchronise with yours and it is best to not work with it.

The pentacle is representative of earth. Often in the SH Earth will be delegated to the South Quarter of the circle, unlike in the North as in NH. Earth is “feminine”. Its traditional colour is green, but brown can be used as well in a pinch, or even black, the colour of the absolute darkness of the chthonic earth.

Earth energy is very stabilising, and filling a jar with stones that resonate a stable, slow energy will help keep a room calm.


Into a long, small bottle pour fresh, clean soil. Fill it to the top and cap it. Place this bottle near the entrance,
preferably in a window, to guard against evil entering into your home.
In past ages the earth was thought to confound evil spirits and demons, who had to count every grain of
earth in the bottle before entering the dwelling.
Today evil spirits are seen as negativity which floats around the Earth in large quantities. This negativity can
enter your home. Therefore, this earth protection bottle can be useful in blocking negativity from entering your
house.” – Scott  Cunningham- Earth Power

References and Recommended Reading

Scott Cunningham’s Earth Power

Michelle Belanger: Walking the Twilight Path- A Gothic Book of the Dead

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery- Day 29

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