Wands, Brooms and Staves…

The wand is traditionally associated with fire and is masculine. It is a phallic symbol, associated with the quickening of the land and fertility. It is often used to cast circles and to mark boundaries. Wands are used for the conjuration of spirits and are potent tool of commanding and compelling

A wooden spoon can act as a wand in the kitchen, stirring magic and power into brews, potions and broths.

The Staff is a powerful tool of authority, and can be used when invoking the energies of gods within the circle. I have two staves, one is dedicated to my work with Hekate, and one is dedicated to Anubis, they stand at my altar as boundary markers between this world and the other.

Often when I am walking I will find bits of wood, which would make wonderful wands, but because I do not often use wands in my magic, end up becoming a broom.

The Witches broom is a potent symbol of riding the hedge, and can be held next to the body while travelling the otherside.

The Broom cleanses and marks the boundary of the circle and is an excellent tool for banishing negative energy from the home. Small decorative brooms can be bound with protective herbs and charms and hung over door posts as protection.

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Day 30

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