The Fae


As a Child my belief in the fae was never stifled and often encouraged, particularly in relation to gardening and the land.

The fae encompass the entirety of the spirits we associate with nature, some of these spirits are not exactly friendly, some are quite benevolent. Fae are not human so they are not bound by human morals, which is something that people don’t get, and why faeries are often labelled good, bad or evil.

It is my belief that faeries are nature spirits and as such share the temperament of nature and therefore like nature can not be labelled evil as such, some of them are quite nasty, Jenny Greenteeth for instance (The three of swords in my Fantastical Creatures tarot) is quite “malevolent” by our standards. She enjoys dragging victims into a watery grave. Others like G Hobjah (Of Brian Froud’s faery oracle) enjoy scaring little kids by hiding under their bed. Of course not all fae are so mischievous, or scary, some are in fact even quite helpful and caring. It is of course important to remember that as they are not human, you must treat them with utmost respect and learn as much about them before attempting contact, as offending a faery may not go down well 😛

Some fae like to mislead people off their paths and the term “Pixie-led” came to describe this phenomenon. Will o` the wisps are a type of fae or phenomenon that does just this very thing. They appear as a ghostly light appearing at marshes, swamps and bogs at night. As travellers followed this light, they were led off of their paths.

According to Wikipedia these are also referred to as Orbs, which is a form that a ghost may take, often seen in photographs but which are easily confused with specks of dust in the camera lens or air.

In some folklore Will 0′ wisps are said to be spirits of the dead.

As I’ve mentioned on Day 18, as a child I used to walk out at night and I felt that entities of some kind were watching me, a feeling felt by all who lived on the plot. These beings I believe to be nature spirits rather than demons or ghosts. I felt them hiding by the tree’s sitting on the flowers and could sometimes even catch a glimmer of them out of the corner of my eye.

I do not believe that Flower fairies are the soul of a plant or that it is the life force of the plant, like some people do, as an animist I believe the plant itself has its own soul, like me. I believe that flower fae and other plant fae are homed by these plants and enjoy the plant’s company and use many of the plants in magic and healing as we do.

As my ancestry lies in Ireland, I’ve always been fascinated by the Bean Sidhe or Banshee. This Spirit or Faery is a female spirit that warns of the immanent death of a family member. Her screeching wail is an omen of death nearby. They appear in a number of forms including an old hag, or beautiful woman of any age. Other forms she may take include a hooded crow and weasel.

I do believe that faeries and witches can work well together, if respect is given it will be received in return. One should always thank the fae for any help received so as to not insult them. It is important to learn their customs if you are going to work with them for the same reason.

Das Irrlicht- Arnold Bockin- (Will o’ Wisp)

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery- Day 33- A Faery of your choice

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