I’m not much of a rune master, I’m pretty much a beginner still with the runes as I’m much more experienced with Tarot and I’m working on getting an advanced knowledge of the Tarot first, and thus being adept at Tarot before attempting advanced work with runes.

This morning I used runes that Earthdragon made out of pebbles which she gave to me.

I drew Dagaz…


…and thankfully it was not drawn in opposition.

Dagaz means Day or Dawn

Divinatory meaning:

An awakening or awareness, a balance between day and night. A time of planning. A time to begin a project. The power of change and transformation. Hope and happiness. A positive outcome. Security. Balance.

Magically it used to bring a positive outcome

According to Sirona Knight these are the runic correspondences:

God: Odin

Tree: Spruce

Herb: Clary Sage

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Amazonite

Colour: Blue

Animals: Wolf, Raven, Eagle, Horse, Bear

Element: Fire

Sirona Knight also suggests that the rune can refer to harnessing the power of fire and working with fire energy. Also stating that this Rune is of Noon and midsummer.

This Rune is quite a help, as today I’m planning a ritual and spell for tomorrow (Summer Solstice) and was unsure of what type of spell technique to use. I will thus be attempting the spell as close to noon as possible, and do a fire spell. Tomorrow is also Thursday, a day of prosperity and wealth and thus a great day to work on success in work and money.

*posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog challenge- Day 34- rune of your choice

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