Entering the Mysteries

I wear Anubis at my heart, the same place I wear the keys of Hekate, and as I’m wearing them by my heart, I’m always reminded that They are with me.

Tonight a sacred ritual (of a lengthy nature) was long overdue to Anpu. I had struggled to gain energy in the Summer heat and as such just offered prayer as usual. Of course neither Hekate or Anpu actually have ever expressed upset over this, as of course I talk to Them everyday and plan a monthly offering to the both of Them together once a month as well…

I have been struggling to read Konstantinos’ Nocturnal Witchcraft again for my review, it has been, as EarthDragon describes some books,…painful…I am not on the path of complete and utter darkness which Konstantinos describes. I’m on the path of balance…something I believe -Goth Wiccans and Witches- tend to want. I’m a goth who loves daytime as much as night. Afterall Crows are not Nocturnal and they have been associated with the Goth subculture quite often, and frankly I come across spiders much more during daytime hours than at night, and I can truly appreciate their beauty during the daylight hours. The Earth is beautiful by day, night, dawn and dusk, it is a pity that Konstantinos feels uncomfortable by day and understanding the beauty of the day and balance. Not all of us are “Nightkind”, but rather (some of us) kind of transition and balance and we see the beauty in that balance that mainstream society neglects, which is why I think Brenda Knights book is much more to my tastes, as she does not neglect the daytime energies that we goths can enjoy as well, after all, are those gorgeous parasols really going to be done justice in the night-time?

Balance, The Scales of Ma’at, the weighing of the soul. That is what is happening to us all the time, not just when we die. We have to constantly keep ourselves balanced. We are Witches. Magic is found in the balance of the four elements. Spirit is the connection between them as it is within each of them, it is the connection of all four in balance that creates potentiality of magic and it is up to us, The Witches, to put that into action. Balance is the connection, balance is Ma’at, Balance is magic, balance is “True Power”, Balance is the connector, the Mysteries.

While doing a reading on my connection with the Divine, as I’m kind of transitioning- as is the nature of my Gods- to a different understanding of things, I received the card of “Entering the Mysteries” (Anubis Oracle). It spoke to me, as that is exactly what I’ve been affecting for the last few days while reading. The Wiccan’s talk of the Mysteries and they feel none of us who are uninitiated or non Wiccan can feel them, but this I know is not true, for the Mysteries were around long before Wicca, and of course can be experienced as a Solitary Witch, as they are experiences of the Divine connection, that balance, that inexplicable emotion, that amazing connectedness, that epiphanic moment of complete knowing and LOVE. I’ve said before that Our Mysteries are different to the Wiccan Mysteries but they ARE Mysteries. When the first practitioner decided to initiate someone they wanted them to experience these same Mysteries, to feel that same inexplicable thing, that connection, that power, that love.

So I wear Anubis at my heart, as I wear the Keys of Hekate to hold Their Love with me, because I know, I dare, I will and I keep silent the Mysteries within me that I cannot express, that I cannot explain, that You Yourself have to Enter to Experience, as I through Ma’at and her balancing scales and Anpu’s weighing of the heart and Hekate’s tearing of the soul, had to experience to BE and to KNOW.


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