Tituba was a 17th Century slave whose ethnicity has been debated. Regardless of her ethnicity though she came under suspicion as a Witch during the Salem witch trials and brought forth the Salem persecutions where around 200 were accused and 20 were to be executed.

At first denying practicing any witchcraft, Tituba’s story changed as she was coerced into agreeing to being a Witch.
She even claimed to having  spoken to grand ol’ scratch himself. Tituba was never executed for her so-called crime.

She had been accused of Witchcraft by Betty Harris and Abigail Williams. Whether or not Tituba in fact practiced Witchcraft or merely told the girls wild stories is still debatable to this day.

Of course most of us know the Tag “Never Again the Burning Times” often forgetting that most of the people killed during the Witch craze were probably not Witches, also often forgetting that most people were in fact hanged not burned. Regardless of this Tituba plays an Archetypal role in our minds as a native witch, and of course the persecuted Witch holds quite a  large space in our hearts and souls as an archetype.

Of course today there are still witch trials and some people are still tried and put to death for so-called witchcraft (often infidelity or not obeying the husband).

A thing to remember about the witchcraze is the number of people killed is largely exaggerated within 99% of Wiccan texts often to put a specific slant on our history. The story of Tituba, an accused witch who escaped punishment, serves as a reminder that the witchtrials were a  political and/or often personal gripe against certain people.

I believe we need to move away from the blame and hatred as it quite frankly just causes unneccessary prejudice and is unhelpful to our growth as spiritual and religious witches.

I do think that this is a useful archetype if a witch is done wrong by someone, as there is nothing quite like the ire of a scorned “witch” and so can be quite helpful in certain pursuits, like court cases and legal matters.

For more information on Tituba read:

Salem Witch Trials: Tituba

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge- A famous Pagan/Witch

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