The Cauldron

I have two small cauldrons, one I use most often for burning paper and incense, the other I use mainly to hold brews on my altar(Although I messed it up with wax now and I’m trying to figure out a way to get the wax out).

The Cauldron has a special place within the hearts of Western Witches… Cackling over a brew of tongue of dog and wing of bat and calling on Hekate of course is famous due to Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” (one of my favourite plays by him).

The “evil” witch conjures brews to destroy her enemies and bring her youth.

Of course we know as modern witches that the cauldron is a place of transformation, the place we must go into in order to be reborn anew, a shamanic death, if you will.

The cauldron is often a symbol of the Abyss, of the great black void of the unknown, where initiation of the dark goddess lies. Cerridwen’s Cauldron is a place of magic and transformation, of growth, death and rebirth and the wisdom that comes from this process.

Many a modern Kitchen Witch may not use a cauldron but rather a normal cooking pot. But in South Africa “Potjies” are common and thus are these lovely “cauldrons” (although most come with a hefty price tag). Even though the cooking pot may not be as resonant as the three legged cast iron pot, it is still an effective tool with the same symbolism, as to cook food is to transform it from one form into another.

The Witches brew is magic, it is power and transformation and change, by drinking this potion we can either die and be reborn or we can gain certain abilities like psychic powers, wisdom, strength etc.

We need not fear the witches brew for it is often beneficial even if part of ourselves must die in order for the new to grow. This is the lesson of belly of the pot, the lesson of the Witch’s potion, of her dark and scary concoctions… For the new to grow the old must die.

This is the reason why the Cauldron is so important to me, it reminds me of the trials of the dark goddess, specifically Hekate’s trials, and how after each death I am reborn anew, something better, stronger and more able to handle life at its best and worst.

“Hekate Cerridwen. Dark mother take us in

Hekate Cerridwen let us reborn”- Inkubus Sukkubus

The Witches Cackle over their sinister brew of marshmallow fluff:)

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge- Day 38- Witchy Tools: The Cauldron

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5 thoughts on “The Cauldron

  1. I learned an easy way to get wax out of glass candle holders was to freeze it, the same trick might work for your cauldron.

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