The Cauldron


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The Cauldron is a cooking vessel, which while no longer used frequently is still associated with Witchcraft. In South Africa we have Potjie pots which are three-legged pots made of cast iron, which are used to create fire cooked stews.

Modern witches associate the cauldron with transformation, as it is seen as the place where we must go into in order to be reborn anew- it is seen as the symbol of the abyss- the great black void of the unknown, where initiation at the hands of the dark goddess lies. Cerridwen’s Cauldron is a place of magic and transformation, of growth, death and rebirth and the wisdom that comes from this process.

In Irish folklore, the cauldron is the vessel which holds the Leprechaun’s treasure and is therefore a receptacle for wealth and luck.


Saved from Pinterest

Many a modern Kitchen Witch may not use a cauldron but rather a normal cooking pot. Even though the cooking pot may not be as resonant as the three legged cast iron pot, it is still an effective tool for the making and mixing of magical brews and nourishing meals.

The witches brews and potions often contain dark, and noxious ingredients, like animal parts and poisonous plants- consuming the potion can turn you into an animal, or make you fly, of course, it could also kill you. The Cauldron is then the alchemical vessel through which simple and singular ingredients are turned and churned into a powerful unguent for transformation.

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5 thoughts on “The Cauldron

  1. I learned an easy way to get wax out of glass candle holders was to freeze it, the same trick might work for your cauldron.

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