What inspires me



There is nothing quite like Nature, without it, we would not exist, as we are nature as well.

From a young, young age I loved nature, as a child I remember we had to participate in environmental classes (I wonder whatever happened to those?), and I always scored very high on awareness and attitude toward the environment. I grew plants as a child and took great pleasure in the companies of trees and plants and animals, I saved numerous bugs from drowning in puddles and pools and caught Oleander Seeds and let them go as to me they were Fae. The Sky has always been an amazing and vast canvas of beauty, I place I take inspiration from for my art and artistic palette. The Earth below my feet has always been a special experience, and me being a Taurus may have something to do with that and why I find Grounding to be incredibly easy and natural.

I love to walk on short grass bare foot, and massage my feet against it, its ticklish and beautiful and I feel the power of the grass, the spirits of the blades of grass touching and caressing my feet, giving me a much-needed energy boost.

The ocean, although I live far from it, is of course a mysterious and wonderful power. I have spoken about how I see Hekate within the ocean and within the Sky. Her raw power is shown in this place of ebbing and flowing beauty.

The desert lands of Egypt I would love to visit physically, but I have for now visited within my meditations, travelling alongside Anpu across the hot desert lands.

The moon, the lantern of the gods, the white goddess, the eye of Horus, whichever way one chooses to see it, has been inspiration for me, and many Wiccans Witches and Pagans. The stars, the body of Nut, the spirits of the dead, the Hekates-torches in the sky are also of course a source of inspiration for me.

Spirit is immanent, it is within the elements, within nature within us, it is the web that connects us to everything and everything to us.

Food of course also inspires me, food coming from plants (as I’m a vegetarian), is me taking nature into my body the property of the souls of the plants become part of me, sustain me… this is why one should be thankful for the food they have eaten.

Love inspires me, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals”, being around my boyfriend is inspiring, his energy so similar to min, yet expressed so differently complements me and my “aggression”.

Books inspire me. I have written a few short stories but never a novel or ever even conceived of writing an entire saga, these pieces of literature inspire me greatly in my own writing. Of course Poetry also inspires me deeply.

Pain inspires me, for without pain, I would struggle to create. My depression for a long time informed my poetry and art, and still does on occasion, and is a way for me to work through the pain.

Other artists inspire me.

The Gods in their various forms inspire me, I’ve been known to write a number of poems in honour of different gods who I work with in a manner of hours, being completely and utterly “possessed” by the need.

Music inspires me.


I take inspiration from everything and everyone.

*Part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge Day 39- something that inspires you

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