New Year- No resolutions, looking back, walking forward.

This year, I’ve decided no resolutions would be the best course of action, as I tend not to accomplish the resolutions I set out. Not because they are unrealistic, but because life gets in the way of certain resolutions.

I have goals and things I want to do and wish to accomplish, but these are ongoing from last years promise in Ostara, rather than, today’s lazy, overeaten half-hearted new years resolutions.

The other day I took a trip to the nursery and bought myself some plants. I also went to the fabric shop and got some lovely patterns for my sewing lessons with my mom. My first outfit is a lovely Steampunk/Victorian patterned Tafetta and stripes. Today I have made some cutouts for bats and will post a tutorial later this week if all goes well. I will also keep everyone posted on my progress with the sewing project.

About a year ago I bought one of those nice smelling things you put into the microwave and it stays warm and smells good and is really good for sore ankles and stomach ache. I made the mistake of overheating it and it ended up being very loose and quite useless, especially since now we don’t have a microwave. So I cut it in half and I’m going to sew it back up for a nice small, lovely smelling pillow. The other half of the material I’m not sure what to do with yet, but might just make a little love pillow for the bed.

This last year as been…difficult. With many problems and many big life overhauls. Friends were made and lost, enemies were taken down, two moves were made,many things were lost, forgotten and left behind, two pets died, a massive health scare was overcome for someone in the family, and difficult decisions were made. I’m not lying when I say that last year was much like the 3 years before it… difficult. Hekate challenges us, Anpu challenges us and the challenges are not always easy, but coming out of them is always a bittersweet experience, much like all the challenges that Frodo comes across on his quest to destroy the ring.

Of course the year came with new experiences, like going to a Rock club for the first time, completing varsity, getting my first car, connecting deeper with my deities and my boyfriend, “rediscovering” my subculture and reading amazing books.

This year I’ll hold no ritual to welcome in the new year, this year I’ll just sit under the stars and just BE.


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