Simple Charms and Spells for Every Day

A spell is making magic happen, it is changing through the conformity of will what you need to change, and thus does not require a higher power, although calling on the powers of gods, spirits and familiars is certainly a powerful way in which to do spells.

Magical objects are some of my favourite spell workings. An example are those popular voodoo dolls that you find in shops as gifts. I have The Devil which is protective, so I decided to make him a protective charm- the witches way- gathering all my fiery and protective herbs :

  • Tobacco
  • Chillies
  • Black pepper
  • Devils claw

…and other objects:

  • safety pin
  • broken mirror and glass
  • and the little red devil himself, I made a small charm bag to charge him in. I kept him on my handbag and he protected me despite the elements not protecting him. He now hangs about in my room to protect me from any evil lurking. I have another one for my car “Ultimate Devil”.

Of course you can make your own voodoo dolls of protection, just check out my instructions here on how to make the voodoo doll. While you’re stuffing it make sure you stuff it with protective herbs, there are many and you cannot go wrong using herbs in the kitchen (black pepper, chilli, cinnamon, rosemary) if you haven’t found that elusive herb.  You can place pieces of glass in the voodoo doll too or place pieces of mirror inside as well, (just make sure it is safely padded for you and your pets or children,s o that only your enemies get “hurt”.)

You can do the same with a teddy bear for your child but rather place a written charm with a closed up bag of rose or lavender (make sure they have no allergies to any herbs you may place inside) and sew it up tightly. Never use sharp objects for charming children’s toys and never use toxic herbs either. Make sure that everything is tightly sealed in the middle.

The bats and spiders on my wall and in my car, serve more than just Goth decoration, but are highly protective in nature, each having been charmed with protection.

Objects can be created to bring qualities of peace, love, wisdom and psychic ability to the wearer, so magical jewellery and the use of crystals is another nice way in which to make and utilise magical objects.

There is no end to the creativity that you can apply with magical objects, so get creative with it!


*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery blog challenge Day 41- A Spell I’ve done and magical objects

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