Pagan Reading Challenge!!

I have come across this challenge on the same place I found the 44 Days of Witchery and I Thought this would be a great way to push through the pile of ebooks I have, as well as books I’m rereading, and the ones I’m using for the monthly book reviews I’m doing.

I’ll be going for the High Priestess Level but I may go over if I have the chance, as I love reading and I’m quite happy to reread many of the books I have, if only to review them, comment on them or recommend them. I generally read a few books at a time so hopefully this will be challenging but doable.

Here are my books

Books I’ve finished reading are striked through

Books I’m adding are underneath the line_____________________

Books I’m removing are asterisked. *

  1. Konstantinos- Gothic Grimoire
  2. Konstantinios- Nocturnicon
  3. Michelle Belanger- Walking the twilight path- a gothic book of the dead
  4. Rosemary Clark- The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt
  5. Silver Ravenwolf- Halloween
  6. Sallie Anne Glassman- Vodou Visions
  7. Scott Cunningham- Cunnighams guide to Hawaiian magic and spirituality
  8. Raven Grimassi- Beltaine
  9. Bob Brier- Egyptian Mummies
  10. Pamela Allardice- Aphrodisiacs and Love magic
  11. Ellen Dugan-Autumn Equinox
  12. Dorothy Morrison- Yule
  13. Robert Levy and Dr Eve Bruce-Shamanism the book of journeys
  14. Susan Schuster Campbell- Called to heal
  15. Simon cox and Susan Davies-An A-Z of Ancient Egypt
  16. Scott Cunningham- Earth, Air, Fire and Water-More techniques of natural magic
  17. Starhawk- The Spiral Dance
  18. Patricia Telesco- A Charmed Life- Celebrating Wicca Everyday
  19. Oberon Zell Ravenheart and Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart-Creating Circles and Ceremonies
  20. Scott Cunningham- The magical household
  21. Kerr Cuhulain- Wiccan Warrior
  22. Sirona Knight- Faery magick
  23. Gerina Dunwich- Exploring Spellcraft
  24. Ellen Cannon Reed -Circle of Isis
  25. Janina Renee- Tarot Spells
  26. Christopher A Faraone, Dirk Obbik (eds) Magika Hiera- Ancient Greek Magic and Religion
  27. Joseph Toledano-Egyptian Magic- The forbidden secrets of Ancient Egypt
  28. Zsuzsannah Budapest- The holy book of womens mysteries
  29. Mary K Greer and Tom Little-Understanding the Tarot Court
  30. Mary K Greer-21 ways to read a tarot card
  31. Christine Jette-Tarot Shadow Work
32. Heart of Tarot- Amber and Azrael Arynn K
33. Cakes and Ale for the Pagan soul ed Patricia Telesco
34. Goddess Aloud- Michelle Skye
35. Dancing Under an African Moon- Donna Darkwolf Vos

I’m setting myself quite a big challenge. Some of the books I have read before but I’m restarting so that I can take in the imformation, most I’ve never read, some I’ve glanced at and read a few pages here and there but never sat down and read them. Thankfully my t.v hasn’t been set up for a few months (now you all know why I blog so frequently:)

One of the things I love about this challenge is that it is for the whole year, so it will keep me challenged for the whole year. I may pare down the challenge if I believe it is too much for this year, as 2012 promises to be quite busy as it is. But forever the bookworm, I’ll keep optimistic.

Also I may not review all of the books in depth, but I’ll let you know in my posts as “currently reading” and if there is something that can spark a good topic I’ll post on that too.

So here we go!


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