Nature spirits and Nature worship



 ” The sacred encompassed the secular in their world view; the physical world-including the natural phenomena and the plant and animal kingdoms-was seen as a reflection of the divine world, and everything in it possessed divine nature. The gods manifested through the visible-human beings, trees, stars, wind and storm, even though these living things possessed an identity of their own as well.” Rosemary Clark- The Sacred magic of Ancient Egypt

Nature is divine, because nature has spirit, spirit is grandmother spiders connecting thread that we touch, it is in everything. But as I have a personality/spirit/soul, so does each blade of grass, each stone, each tree. But then the gods express themselves in and through nature, as Nut is the Night Sky and Geb in Egypt or Gaia in Greece are the Earth. I see the rain as the healing, and loving tears of Isis, I see the wind as voices of the spirits, I see the stars as the spirits of the dead and as the torches of Hekate. I see the dog as Hekate and Anubis and Papa Legba, yet each has its own distinct personality and soul, and at the same time each is connected by spirit.

So when I say that I worship nature, it is very much true. Many pagans have an issue with the word worship as it implies bowing down, submitting, etc. I believe this is due to many of us coming out of Christianity, or other Abrahamic faiths where this is the accepted definition of worship. But worship is praising, loving, honouring, respecting. It is devotion. And that is what I feel for my gods and nature and exactly what I do and so I gladly accept the term “nature worshipper”.


*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge- Day 42

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