Magical Recipes for Love and Lust


All of the recipes below are for incense, powder, or bath formulas. Don’t be afraid to substitute if you cannot find the exact herbs I have. The go to love herbs are cinnamon, lavender and rose, and can be used in many ways!  If you have sensitivity to any of the ingredients don’t use them! You can use these formulas if you’re trying to find love, or if you are in a relationship already to increase romance, intimacy and passion.

Love powder

1 part Cinnamon

1 part Rosemary

1 part Vanilla

1 part Rose

1 part Mint

1 part Black Cohosh

1 part Lavender

1 part Jasmine

Crush into a fine powder and sprinkle around the bedroom. Can be used in the consecration of gifts and can be burned as incense.

Spicy Bath Salts

1 part borax

1 part epsom salts

1 part baking soda

Yellow or Orange food colouring



  Crushed Orris root

Crushed Red chillies

 Crushed cloves

6 drops diluted cinnamon oil

4 Drops diluted neroli oil

Place in amounts of herbs to your taste

Charge on a Tuesday/Sunday/Full moon/Waxing moon/Midsummer

(This will leave little remnants of herbs in the bath and on your skin- it won’t clog the drain as it powdery)

Nightshade’s Kitchen Herb Love mix

Rose (Red) petals (dry)

Vanilla Tea bag

2 tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Coriander

Empty the tea bag, crush the rose petals, and use the mixed formula as incense, or powder depending on how finely it is crushed.

Love Drawing Bath

Red Rose petals (Fresh)

Fresh lavender (although dry can work as well)

1tbsp honey

3 Glasses Milk

Close the lavender and rose petals into a muslin or organza cloth and tie to the tap

In the bath water place the honey and milk.

(If you’re in a relationship this is a nice bath to share with your partner)

 Shower Love mix

Not all of us have baths so people often feel left out by bath formulae this is a nice alternative if you only have a shower, (try get fresh ingredients)

Red Rose petals

Lavender flowers

Jasmine Flowers

Mint leaves

Place in a muslin cloth or organza bag, place over shower head and let the herb infused water fall over your skin. If you cannot find Jasmine substitute with white rose petals.

Tips for Love in the Kitchen

  • Coriander is a lovely spice to use in foods, as it is an aphrodisiac.
  • Vanilla is sexy, so use vanilla incense or vanilla tea for romance.
  • Keep lavender in your kitchen either as potted plant or as fresh cuttings.
  • Stir to the sun to bring blessings.
  • Use cinnamon and/or vanilla to flavour coffee.
  • Keep Rose Quartz in the kitchen.
  • Use edible rose-water to flavour cupcakes.
  • Bless all cooking utensils, and state your purpose over the ingredients and while you’re cooking.
  • Burn scented candles or pink/red candles while cooking.
  • Lay out a romantic setting for the serving of food, candles, pink/red table cloths, wine and possibly incense but if this is too distracting you can use a vanilla or lavender spray or fresh cut roses/lavender/jasmine.

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery Blog Challenge Day 43- A Magical Recipe

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