All things must end

I have now officially completed the 44 Days of Witchery Blog challenge. I’m glad I came across this challenge, as it presented a way in which for me to continue blogging after my blog had been pretty much dormant for months due to other commitments. I like that it had some topics I was already wanting to discuss ie. The elements, experiences with Hekate and Anubis, clarification on my “theisms”, and recipes.

I do feel however, that some of the topics were a bit lazy as another blogger put it. I viewed this as a challenge to, like the hanged man, get a different perspective on the topic, or look at it from a different angle and maybe even change the topic a little, also as a way in which for everyone to get to know me better, and how I work with different aspects, tools and ideas.

This blog was always intended as somewhat personal, but of course with some level of didacticism, from my own perspective. The Witch that jumps into the cauldron is not the same that gets out. This blog started as esotericreflections and moved, as I changed, and I moved the blogs over, to reflect my then personality, of course, I’m still Nightshade, but again, I’m different. I may not think EXACTLY the way I did then, we’re talking about two years of experience and change, and challenges here.

For me, the challenge was a look at a possibly “glamourised” notion of witchcraft, a kind of pop wicca flavour of fun, which is great and all (I’ve done a few pagan questionairres with a similar theme) but it had to picked and pulled apart to reflect me here and now.

I like glamour in my life, and I like a little fun, and this blog challenge presented me with the opportunity to have a little fun.

I’m still young, and growing, and learning. If you’re  a witch and you’re not learning you are no longer in the game. We are constantly learning, about the world, about others and mostly, about ourselves. This may not apply so greatly to non-religious witches, but even atheist witches that I’ve come across have a deep need and yearning for knowledge and spirituality.

It’s what drives us. I hope that you’ve enjoyed going through the challenge with me, as I’ve enjoyed for the most part the blogs that have come out of this.

Laziness can settle in especially if you’re a solitary practitioner, but it is discipline and dedication that gets our butts out of bed a little bit earlier to make that cup of coffee to light the candle offerings to the gods and just have a cuppa with them- and to help your skill development why not charge your cup of coffee, why not cast a circle and practice taking it down, or sweep the area with a witches broom, or sit in the garden and listen to what the spirits around you have to say, and practice your visualisation? Just a little discipline goes a long way. I’ve been lazy too. I’m not going to deny it. At points my laziness was for damn good reasons, like when I was grieving the death of my father, all I could do was cry, be numb and cry some more, for months! But sometimes, its the same laziness that comes over us when we don’t feel like cooking, or don’t want to take out the trash. Do we go through the motions until we actually feel some passion for it again, or do we move on to another exciting technique? The choice is yours. But! you have to do something.

A nice way in which to train and gain discipline is this: Pick a theme for a week, and everyday stick to that theme, possibly with variations on it, like Earth, one day do some gardening with magical intent, the next day practice some grounding, the next day work with an “earthy divinatory method” like Tarot or Runes, the next day work on making food with magical intent. Eventually it will become a habit to live your life magically, but start with little steps. We all had to start somewhere, and the key to your spirituality is not in a blog, a book, a candle, an athame or other tool, but YOU (Of course the tools a nice, and great to have and are very helpful and sometimes necessary, like you need a hammer for certain things that your hand just cannot do on its own).

We tend to start off in Wicca, with the pretty wrappings and trappings of spells and glamour, and because many new 101 books focus on this rather than a deep connection with whatever you believe in, many people either stagnate and never grow or they move away from Wicca and witchcraft with a nostaligic but skewed view of the depth of many of spiritual pursuits. Again this may not apply to witches who are of no religious inclination, there is nothing wrong with non religious witchcraft, at all.

My blog has grown nicely and I’ve gained many subscribers THANK YOU!! I’m ever grateful to the wonderful bloggers that have given me inspiration, including Maggie of Magikos Musings who also completed the challenge, as well as all my other subscribers who are of gothy, witchy, arty, fantasy, spiritual, seamstressy and other persuasions!

*Posted as part of the 44 Days of Witchery- Day 44- Witch’s Choice

All blog content is Copyright © 2012 of Nightshade unless otherwise stated


2 thoughts on “All things must end

  1. Thank you for the mention. 🙂
    Once again you have managed to turn one of this challenge’s lackluster topic in to a piece of gold. Everything you wrote is great advice. I especially like your suggestion for picking a weekly theme to concentrate on.Its got my brain juices flowing and I think I might just come up with a “challenge” of my own. Why just complain when one can improve right?

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