Sewing Steampunk- Day 1 and 2

January 1st

Here is the lovely pattern I bought.

Simplicity pattern, I'm doing the one on the right

I decided to stick with the colours more or less, with some changes. The taffeta is curtain taffeta and has a lovely pattern (hopefully as it is curtain material I’ll have enough spare for pillow cases). The Stripe bustier that I’m making has much larger stripes than the one in the pattern. I decided to use black organza on the coat for the ruffles instead of white, as the pattern on the taffeta is black, and it would just look better.

Today starts our initial gatherings of material, what we were going to start with and how we would proceed. I decided to start with the top, a black and white striped bustier. I watched as my mom traced the pattern of the size according to my buyers size (as this is how it used to be when my mom sewed years ago). I cut out the interfacing. Later we realise that the sizes are quite off from actual shop sizes so we have to do it again. So day 1 restarts on January 2nd.

January 2nd

This time it is my job to trace the pattern onto the plastic. We do this, so that the pattern can be used again if I lose or gain weight or if It needs to be made for someone else (My mom quite likes the coat).

Trace Pattern onto plastic, making notes of size, pattern piece number and any instructions

The plastic then needed to be cut out.

Cut carefully along the line of the just-traced pattern

Once this is done it can be affixed to the interfacing and the interfacing can be cut out.

Stick the pattern pieces on with pins making sure it does not puckerCut this out carefully, ensuring you do not cut of too much, or too little as the case may be

I then had to do the same with the lining.

lining is more difficult to cut, make sure you cut it flat, (not holding it up, but rather holding it close to the surface you are working on) otherwise you will cut holes in it

Unfortunately the interfacing we got was not the iron on one, so it had to be sewed on. And so it was the first time i’d touched a “sewing machine” since I was a 7 year old girl. It was not very easy, trying to keep the seam line the exact same length and I botched up a few times.

The biiiig scareh machine!

So after a long stretch of hours in a hot room, so ended Day 2 and lesson 1.

The inside pieces of the bustier, sewn.

It was quite enjoyable but as I was really nervous about messing it up, I couldn’t just let myself flow with the entrancing rhythm of the machine.

As a child I used to watch my mom and Ouma for hours sewing with their machines, I even had a kiddy one that I used to play with regularly. It was also as a kid that I learned to sew up my teddy bears when they got torn. Sewing to me, is such a beautiful art, but as all art does, it requires technical skill and lots of practice to get that skill. Listening to that lull of the sewing machine as my mom fixed up a mistake I made, was quite hypnotic and brings the nostalgia of innocent youth.


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