Dangly Bats- DIY

This is a tutorial on how to make bats out of felt for hanging up in the home, there are many ways in which you can vary this theme, you can even make them much larger for pillows (I’m now really wanting to to this in a lovely deep black patterned Taffeta), but I’m sticking to dangly ones as I don’t want to use all my felt on one project. 😉


  • Felt of any colour
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Plastic
  • Permanent marker or felt tip pen
  • Thread
  • Bat Template


  • Buttons
  • beads
  • Music for background noise

1. You can find a template for a bat on the internet quite easily. You will need this template to trace for your plastic. I used free hand as I wasn’t near my computer and just felt like doodling. Trace the bat outline carefully onto the plastic, this will be your reusable pattern piece. Cut it out.

My rough, free hand bat pattern, you can use templates off the net, if you wish!

2. Cut out two layers of the felt, and pin the pattern to it.

Pinned bat!

3. Carefully cut out the bat.

Keep the leftover material for small cutouts of hearts, and other shapes for your other projects!

4. If you’re wanting to add eyes, you can either sew eyes with the cotton itself or you can sew buttons on as eyes. Do this on one piece of the bat.


5. If you want to add embellishments, now is the time to do it before you sew the two pieces together.

The little bead is heart-shaped

6. When you’re done with step 4/5 then you can start by carefully sewing together the two pieces of the bat, this can be done in a different colour thread or the same colour (I like a different colour for its effect- in my test run I used black and for the other one I used lavender). Do not sew it closed.

"There's a hole in our soul that we fill with...cotton" -Marilyn Manbat

7. Before sewing it closed, add your stuffing, I use cotton wool. When you’ve stuffed the bat up you can sew it closed.

The stuffed bat from my test run- you may have to use a pen to stuff the cotton in properly.

8. If you want to add a dangly string like I did for the one, this is when you do it. Sew on a piece of string and start beading it.

I used purple and blue beads and bells for blessings

9.Voila! You have a nice new decoration for Halloween, (or christmas/yule tree decorations) or if you’re a goth,  for year round spookiness (read: cuteness)! Bats are adorable!!  I love watching them come out at dusk! Of course if you’re a witch you can always empower the bats for whatever purpose you wish, choose the colour and beads according to your purpose and bless them in circle! These make great gifts as well, many goths have a fondness for these creatures of the night (Amy at the Ultimate Goth Guide, Ms Venters (Gothic Charm School), and me of course!)

My embellished Test run, the eyes are stick on.


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