12 Month Challenge! and Pagan Reading update

M. Shaffer over at Magikosstudios, has created this challenge. It is more spaced out and therefore more thought out as well. It offers an essay question a month on various pagan topics, in order to challenge the blogger. I will be participating in this, as I love challenges and questionnaires and anything to keep my blog interesting.

 Currently Reading:

The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt- Rosemary Clark- I’m just so happy with this book in general. I’m two-thirds in and I’m experimenting with some ritual ideas.

Gothic Grimoire- Konstantinos- Eeergh, technically the book is open on my desk, but I’m not really touching it. It is so far not as painful as the previous book, but I’m really not into it currently in my practice. I’m just over halfway through.

Heart of Tarot- Amber and Azrael Arynn K- this book teaches an approach to Tarot which I actually do not like, as it relies on the querents reading of each card, and their often severely lacking knowledge of Tarot. I’ve been studying Tarot on and off  since before I became a witch, and I still don’t know it all, now give a person with no esoteric knowledge a card, and they may not even know the most basic symbolism in it, which in my opinion is important for Tarot. Maybe I’m just a tarot nazi, but I think when you read for someone you should do the reading, not them, they should interact with you, and tell you their feelings, but you’re the reader, and it is your deck, so it should be your knowledge of the deck + your own intuition that guides the reading. This is also just damn lazy and you may as well tell your querent to buy their own deck and leave you alone. Earthdragon and her husband agree. I’m halfway through.

Currently listening to:

The storm raging outside


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