12 month Challenge- Procrastination and Hesitation.

Is there something you have been wanting to do “craft” wise and why haven’t you done it yet?

I have not done a Complete Drawing Down, or Ritual Possession. I have done light aspecting, where Anubis, or Hekate will be a part of me, but I have not lost control or conciousness. Invocation in this sense is important to me, but it is something I find difficult to completely do without someone with more experience than me. This is a drawback of Solitary work. Something of course could go wrong, and that is when you need someone to actually pull you out and in some way convince the god to leave your body. I do not know anyone who is able to do this to help me, so currently I do light aspecting, which is a very potent and powerful experience in and of its own, but it’s not a complete letting go, so you are still very much in control. Of course in egyptian practices the opening of the mouth requires you to act as the god, and taking on the godform is important, so I do this through light aspecting.

I’m pretty much experimental in my practice as I’m trying to craft my own system, so I do tend to try most things I come across, that seem interesting or appealing to me. The only other things I haven’t tried yet, are the great many rituals in Michelle Belangers book, but I will do those, when I read it again for the challenge. The reason I haven’t done them, as when I first read the book I was only beginning to tread down my path focused on death and transformation, I was scared, and at that time had not yet discovered Hekate as my Patron, even though I was working actively with the dark goddess archetype and reading other books on darker aspects of the craft.

Of course I also want to start a family tradition, through my system, but this all weighs on my future children and their interests, so I’ll see with that one.

I’ve done most things that I’ve come across at least once, sometimes with success, sometimes not, sometimes it has been incorporated into my practice, sometimes it doesn’t.


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