Goth Challenge Day 2- Baby bat days

No pictures I’m afraid, as I’m a bit reticent about putting my face all over the internet.

I’ll instead describe my looks:

  • Pigtails (which I still wear)
  • Green, black or purple lipstick (all look awful on me)
  • Bad eyeliner makeup all over my face
  • Metal Band T shirts, jeans, chains
  • Small black tops, starry, odd pants.
  • Spikes
  • Spikes
  • Spikes
  • Chains
  • Chains (Still wear these)
  • Spikes…(Yes I still wear them)
  • Black skirts, black tops, blazers
  • Rock jackets
  • Black and White Gypsy skirts
  • Skulls (Um I love skulls)
  • Fishnets (still wear)
  • Mini skirts
  • Spider skirts and tops (still wear)

I’m quite happy with how I’ve expanded on my look, and now I like to mix and match things, and I love to accessorize (with something other than spikes and chains).

My experience as a baby bat was exciting. It really should have been more experimental but I was still very much a metal head, and at the time Victoriana did not strike my fancy. I was very much jeans and t-shirts until I met my boyfriend. I wore lopsided skirts, scraggly skirts, purple patterned tights, skull rings and earings, and gypsy style clothes. My style has been witchy, corporate, schoolgirl, and only recently did I expand my repertoire to a neo-victorian/steampunk, deathrock, romantigoth, perky goth, cabaret goth look. I enjoy experimenting with colour, so often I’ll wear bright red, and bright orange. I’m not dressing to be goth, I’m dressing to wear my clothes in a more interesting way, a way that reflects my humour and personality more than just a floral orange dress can.

I love mixing hearts and stripes with spider webs and pinned up gypsy skirts. these are things I would not have tried in my baby bat days as I was still quite concerned with what people thought of me. Now I really couldn’t give a tosh, I like dressing the way I dress, I’m not satisfied just wearing jeans and t-shirts, and plain skirts, and often it pays off, when I get compliments from non-goths about my hats, my DIY pony tails and other things.


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