Gold paint everywhere…

As I was attempting to open up my gold paint, it fell out of my hands, messing everywhere. A mess. A big, sparkly mess,everywhere…

Today has been a clumsy day, I broke one of my favourite mugs, and I tripped over one of my dogs, and broke the ear off one of my statues… Usually this is a sign of me being a bit unbalanced, because things are about to BOOM again.

So like the gold paint everywhere, I’m quite scattered, and glumpy and anxious. I have been keeping my anxiety at bay by sewing, adding decoration to that neck pillow that I was planning on sewing up, and making curtain tie backs at out of remaining material. (I’ll post pics soon, my camera is awol).

I have had two Bastet statuettes for a while, but I decided I’d make one of them gold in order to represent Sekhmet (hence all the gold paint everywhere), and I made a gold disc for her head out of a button because I couldn’t find a coin small enough.

I still feel the need to keep my hands busy, so my guess is I’ll go and carry on trying to find things to do with my hands while I attempt to rid myself of this anxiety…


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